Wednesday 13 March 2013

Bit happier now...

.....with that block for Sana!

I have added a bit of embroidery so Sana's little house has a Scottish garden.

First up is a tiny thistle - an emblem of Scotland and the reason why this is so is given here!    Or is could just reflect our prickly nature - who knows!

The second is a purple heather - you see so many flowering on our Scottish hills that the hills look purple.   It is a useful and decorative plant and in the past has been cut and used as a mattress, as roofing material, as a broom, as a dye plant, and as a medicinal plant!

Next is a favourite of mine - you can keep your strawberries my friends - I'd much rather have a bowl of raspberries which grow ever so well in our Scottish climate!  My father kept quite a few canes at our family home and I was often to be found scoffing a whole lot of raspberries!  Better than the blackbirds getting them!

I've named them here as my stitching is not botanically correct I'm sure!

After the raspberry comes the bluebell of Scotland - and in England it is called the harebell - a delicate looking plant from the Campanula family!   I do prefer them to English bluebells in looks but they do not look so spectacular as an English bluebell wood en masse as they tend to be less gregarious!  And are unscented too.

Following on is another favourite fruit of mine - I used to call it a blaeberry or blueberry but I believe it is called a bilberry in England.  These are short growing shrubs with blueberry like fruit!  I used to walk a short distance up the hill from my home to scoff a lot of these wild fruit!  My mother knew what I'd been up to just by looking at me as my fingers, lips, teeth and tongue were stained dark blue!

Last of all comes the lucky white heather - something to include in your bridal bouquet!  A legend explaining it's lucky nature can be found here!

And so this block does truly remind me of my homeland and can therefore wing it's way finally to Sana!


  1. How cute are you with your Scottish garden? Perfect.

  2. I am most impressed with your embroidery skills! Such a pretty block :-D

  3. What a brilliant idea and lovely stitching as always.

  4. I love your Scottish garden Nicky - and totally with you on the raspberries!

  5. A great addition to your block Nicky, agree with you on the raspberries too!

  6. The embroidered garden is a perfect addition to the garden!

  7. What a thoughtful and beautiful block! Does it make you homesick? Jxo

  8. So nice, the embroidered plants. I love raspberries...and strawberries. I have to replant my strawberry field, as quick as possible. Need more hours in a day!

  9. Sheesh, the farmers of Perth must all be totally up in arms at you dissing their strawberries ;o)

  10. Thank you for the lesson, I am counting this post as one of my '5 a day'; great block x

  11. A nice and delicate block, Nicky. Love the embroidered garden, is a beautiful detail.

  12. fabulous embroidery and house block - I love raspberries as well and I used to collect them when visiting my grandma - one for me and one for the pot !!


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