Saturday 2 March 2013

Things are going a bit wonky around here....

One of my FAL projects is to make something with all the wonky blocks I received in a swap last year.

There were some crazy people in that swap and some marvelously creative people and they were probably one and the same!   I mean that in the best possible way....

Leanne's beach huts are in the middle there....and I met her on this swap!  Yeah!  Worth swapping just to meet new friends.

Wonky houses!

I got two extra houses from Helen as part of our one on one swap!

This is an animal fun house, with a green roof and mushrooms in the garden

And here is my castle, with drawbridge and Scottish Saltire flying from the ramparts.  I wouldn't be surprised if Nessie were asleep in the moat!

Then there were the of these is mine and one Leanne's!

Green trees

crazy coloured trees!

Anyway I was a bit overwhelmed by the blocks and hadn't got a plan to put the houses, stars, four patches and trees together until now!

The houses sort of grouped themselves into streets and then I thought some bright sashing would add to the fun.  

Bit crazy!?  Yes!  Success then!  This quilt is all about letting go, going a bit mad, fun details and trying new scary things like improv....(sorry the light is pretty awful round here but I will post a brighter outside photo when the quilt is more together)

Now I want to quilt-as-you-go on these rows and end up with an outer border mixing some wonky fencing perhaps and some words .....I have printed off some FP letters from Kirsty @ Quiet Play's Craftsy Store ready to go!  FP that is pretty scary too but less so now!  Wonder if you can guess what the words will be?

Here is the first one I have made as a clue!  Seems I'm in love with serifs ...

Have a fun sewing weekend and yes go a bit crazy ....


  1. A great housing estate and forest even if you have to be a bit wonky to live there.

  2. It's going to be wonderful! I suspect I'll be singing 'Madness' songs for the rest of the day, now!

  3. What a wonderful wonky quilt! I love it!

  4. Love the house blocks Nicky, but then you could probably have guessed that!

  5. 'Our house is a very, very, very mad house'? ;o)

  6. I love all the wonkyness!

  7. Your quilt is so fun! Enjoy playing

  8. Ah now I am singing Crosbie, Stills etc, not Madness, showing my age I guess.

  9. Awesome quilt top! The blocks look so good all together.

  10. I looked at all those wonky blocks and thought how on earth are they going to go together. But you know what, they look brilliant pieced in those rows. Love it!

  11. They look fantastic - way better than I ever imagined. The castle is genius!

  12. I love your serifs and your let it just be crazy quilt top - just call it Crazy Town!


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