Friday 29 March 2013

Another charmer!

And here is another charmer!   Or a block made from charm squares - no waste, just a few extra scraps added in...

Just need two contrasting charms this time after all we don't always get two the same in a pack of charms do we!?

I like the X+ block and I think these blocks have a similar feel to them!  

Start with your two charms face to face and sew round the edge as yesterday! Cut into four just the same as before!   You are making a pinwheel with a bit extra.

Dive into your scraps and find some strips.   Cut 4 x one and three quarter inch squares from two different fabrics !   I picked some colours out of my HST fabrics and repeated them.  Plus one more square of a third fabric the same size!   Nine little squares in total...

And put them together like this

So simple it doesn't warrant a tutorial really!  Hardest thing was choosing the fabrics ....but I loved doing it so much this happened....

Looks like I'm making a quilt or something....

I enjoyed using some DS fabric and others that had a vintage look about them.  Was going to stick to blue and green but then pink and orange sneaked in to join colours do that to you or is it just me?

Of course if you want more of a X+ look and to make life easier you can replace the three squares in the middle of the horizontal strip with a piece which measures one and three quarters by four and a quarter inches (1.75x4.25")!  

I found this block in a lovely Japanese book - yes all words in Japanese - but photos and diagrams to show you how to put your blocks together 

Get it here from   Have to say it helps having EQ to draw up the blocks but graph paper and pencils work too!


  1. Great block...again! And that is the second time I have seen that book on a blog TODAY!!! Maybe I need to buy it?

  2. You are right: it looks a lot like the X+block we made for Carla, but much easier! You know what? I like it better that the one from yesterday ;-) Maybe I contribute one block to that quilt, too - just for practice ;-)

  3. I had to click on this post. I naturally presumed you would be talking about me.
    Great block.

  4. You are on a roll these days. I expect to see all these charm quilts as UFOs on the FAL in a few months. ;-)

  5. Another great block!

    P.S. I think Susan's got you pegged ;o)

  6. Do you ever stop sewing for food, rest or any other incidentals? You are sewing on speed or is it at speed? Fab blocks. Di x

  7. You're having your v.own block party this week! Jxo

  8. OMG you have 'that' book!!
    And DS blocks are always perfect x

  9. Gorgeous blocks Nicky and don't listen to Susan, I have every faith ;)

  10. Ah yes, that does look like it would be a slightly faster x and + block! Colours don't often leap out and get me though, no ;o)

  11. my goodness you are a dynamo!!
    more gorgeous blocks.

  12. We joined your blog! Come join ours! Thanks!

  13. What is EQ like...I was trying to design a block last night and really got frustrated with it.

  14. What a cool idea! This is going to be an amazing quilt!


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