Monday 11 March 2013

Falling bee-hind!

I may have mentioned that I'm currently in five bees at the moment and I am keeping up just except with my Star of Africa Bee as we are making up our own blocks representing our country - and for me that is Scotland!

I have had a bit of quilter's block for December - yes December !  I feel bad as the Queen for December is the lovely Sana who asked for blocks relating to the theme Home Sweet Home!  I just haven't been able to think of something suitable/doable but may have hit on something now!

I saw this block on Jennifer's blog and quickly made a tartan version of it !  I hope this is acceptable as otherwise I'm really stumped!

Still have January and February to do but for January at least I have an idea - just not sure whether I can fulfill it or not - Tina wants shoes!   And I thought of the only Scottish shoes I could - dance pumps!

Like these

I will try to piece something but if that doesn't work it will be applique...

Fiona, Miss February, wants a house block so I may end up making .......a castle!?  Wish me luck!


  1. That sounds like one challenging bee. I hope that the shoes work out. Di c

  2. Tartan is a great representation! Good luck with the others!

  3. saw a paper pieced castle on craftsy if that helps :)))

  4. Oh those shoes would be brilliant paper pieced! A wee bit tricky, but...

  5. Those shoes would be great for Tina's block Nicky, hope you can come up with a way to do them! I am enjoying having a month off this Bee is hard on the brain :)

  6. I love the wee house! Some dancing shoes would be great for the block - could you embroider the laces using stranded cotton/cotton a broder? I thought I remembered some laced boots in the Ringo Pie bee but can't find them...looking at their group pool may provide some inspiration, though

  7. You have fantastic ideas! The heart-house is just wonderful...can't wait to see how you tackle the shoes :)

  8. I love the house and those shoes are wonderful! The star of Africa is certainly a challenge :)

  9. Sharpening the point stick again...

  10. I've just had a lovly 10 minutes catching up with your creations
    Hearts - well done on getting them finished, and thanks or the size tip
    Bird - he's so cute, well done on the pouch
    Bee block - lovely HSH block for Sana, and great idea for shoes, hope it works out. I was half thinking castle for Fiona, but you can have it :-)


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