Tuesday 5 March 2013

First bee block of the month

On Sunday evening I was in a stitchy mood and was inspired by a request from Debra to make a lighthouse, boat or bridge block!   She wanted a pieced one in one colour on a white background!

That was specific!  I find that helpful really as it tells you what not to include as well as what to include. 

So here is my lighthouse!

I have to say it was a fun make and quite easy to free piece (without templates or foundation paper) once I had given up on the complex paper pieced version I first drew up and didn't know how to proceed with.  Remember the KISS rule and we will all be happy!

I included a blue print with what I thought looked like life belts on it and the glass paneled light at the top is represented by the chevron print instead of trying to piece a whole load of panels!   Then the light coming out is another chevron print to represent the light waves reaching out to those ships in danger!

Hope this makes Debra happy (she seems happy - phew!)  It worked for me!


  1. Brilliant block. The blues work really well together.

  2. I love this block Nicky - it's sort of what I might have in mind for my month in Bee Stingy!

  3. Excellent block and quick off the mark too. Di x

  4. Fabulous block! I love how you used the chevron to show the rays of light!

  5. Yay for specific-ness, this looks great

  6. The lifebelts and the window panes are inspired!


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