Monday 4 March 2013

All Fired Up!

I suddenly realised that the first quarter of our Finish-along 2013 is coming towards an end.  I have 6 projects on my first quarter list, we are 2 months down and I have only completed three projects!

It was enough to stir me into gear and I have moved two of my quilts further on.  I showed you the wonky one recently and now I can show you a small bit of progress on another one - my spools quilt!

This quilt was an exercise in two things for me - the first was working in a mainly solids palette of fabric in a colour scheme I wouldn't normally choose - turquoise, teal, grey, mustard and a few toning colours in between!  There is just one Low Volume print in the middle of my spool. 

The second was sewing y-seams both by hand and on the sewing machine.  These y seams are relatively easy as the angles are quite obtuse thank goodness!

At the beginning of the year I completed the spools panel of 81 blocks, using the different two colour combinations in my colour scheme.  I had thought about making my spools panel the centre of another spool but have now decided against it.  

Instead the border features a square replicating one of the colours from the adjacent block.  The four corner blocks feature the lovely print by Heather Moore in the Cut out & Keep Collection for Cloud 9 Fabrics which I used as the centre of the spool!

My quilt top is complete and looks like this! 

Hurrah the sun came out yesterday afternoon but it was still a bit windy - here were some other attempts to catch it on camera.  The sharp eyed among you might spot Maddie helping in the background!

The other night I did a bit of late night shopping and bought these fabrics for backing  - I know not my usual style but neither is this quilt!

Sadly there wasn't enough of the Ikat diamond so I went with the co-ordinating solid which seems appropriate after all in a mainly solids quilt!  I know the Ikat diamond is still available elsewhere but I am stingy enough not to want to pay full price for backing fabric and I think this combination will work well.  Sometimes not getting what you want makes you more inventive and actually the result is more pleasing - well that's what I'm hoping!

 This is the last of my quilts that I started in a workshop with the lovely Carolyn Forster.  When I finish it, it will be the end of an era for me!  Might need to book another workshop!

In the meantime I'll be thinking how to quilt this one!


  1. I love the way you did the border. Keeps the focus on all those spools. It's going to be another fab quilt for you.

  2. it's lovely! I think the backing will be great :-)

  3. Great quilt top and I think the 2 fabrics for the back are perfect - well done for continuing to work through those UFOs!

  4. The border really works for this quilt, and I love your backing choice will be a great quilt!

  5. The border is great. I love the backing you chose!

  6. It's always good to surprise yourself with some colours that you would never think of using...Wow I really love the look.....I'll put this down as an idea for my bee block in October.

  7. The border is gorgeous and I love the teal, grey and mustard. Tres sosphisticated!

  8. The border is very clever! You are powering along your list and this is such a beautiful quilt top. Di x

  9. I really love this quilt Nicky - brilliant job! How are you going to quilt it?

  10. Love the spool quilt! The borders are perfect! It is like you just pulled the color out to the very edge of the quilt....great idea, Nicky!

  11. What a great idea for the border! I love it! I also love your choice of backing and can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  12. Good for you! I've only completed one on my list ; (

  13. Go you! But eek, on being near the end of Q1!


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