Tuesday 19 April 2016

Clamshells residue

I've been playing with some leftovers from cutting out my scrappy clamshell quilt.  Using my sizzix die to cut those clamshells left me with two almost quarter circles for each clamshell.  Well I couldn't throw them away now could I?

Four made an ovoid shape which I trimmed by putting them back through my sizzix with a circle die this time. 

 I quickly had lots of multi scrappy circles.  

I decided to apply them to charm squares I cut from leftover backing from other quilts (this is a truly scrappy project).   

Normally I'm a needle turning appliqué sort of person but I wanted robustness and quickness so I tried out a technique using interfacing.

I cut circles of interfacing using the sizzix machine.   Stitched them sticky side to the right side of my pieced circle.   Carefully I slit the interfacing, clipped the curves around the outside edge of the circle and turned it right side out.  The sticky side now faces outwards and can be pressed with an iron onto the centre of my 5" square to attach it.  

I started top stitching them but I'm not sure I like it.   I'll try stitching them on when I get to the quilting stage - hope they hold till then as I stitch all the squares together.  Or I might go back to my comfort zone of needle turning.

This could take a little while to complete whichever way I continue as I am planning on using 121 in this quilt, giving me an 11 x 11 block layout with a border possibly to hold it all together.  

I may even have enough for another quilt...? One or both will be heading towards my favourite charity Siblings Together - you can find out more about the campaign to make 100 quilts for Siblings Together here!


  1. Your scrap use is amazing, lovely project und wonderful use of all the salvage fabrics form the clamshells. Have to remember that on, have not done a clamshell quilt yet, but can see how much the leftover fabrics can hurt a quilters heart.

  2. This is a great way to use leftover. Kudos to you for not throwing them away. It makes a very interesting quilt too. Love it!! ;^)

  3. wow. You went above and beyond the call of duty with these scraps but what a pretty outcome!

  4. Great idea to use those leftover scraps. It looks a lovely quilt.

  5. Love them!! Could you add a safety pin to the centre of each one so they hold in place until you quilt? It would stop you having to pick them up from the floor each time you move it...

  6. A great use of scrappy bits. Do you have a blanket stitch on your machine that you could try for stitching the circles to the background?

  7. Ooh, must show what i did with my dp sizzix scraps 😊

  8. Love your scrappy circles! I do appliqué this way too but don't use fusible interfacing. That way I can press the shape well. I glue on the shapes so they cant move when I sew them. I use a blind hem stitch( I think that's what it's called) with a small width and length. About 1 wide and 1.5 long, from memory, on my machine. Gives the appliqué more of a needle turned look. Or that's what I tell myself anyway...


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