Friday 8 April 2016

Quarter 2 Finish-A-Long list

I did really well with my list for Quarter 1 finishing twelve out of twenty-one projects.  So lets hope I can keep up the productivity for Quarter 2.   Just in case I was in danger of running out of things to make I have added lots of new things, that I have uncovered from the back of the cupboard and the bottom of boxes - lots of small projects which I can fit in between the bigger things perhaps. 

In Quarter 1 I focused on my own quilts as I knew this second Quarter would be more about finishing quilts for Siblings Together; a charity which maintains important sibling relationships for children separated in the UK care system.

So this Quarter my Siblings Together projects come first.  

1. QAYG tiles block drive - not sure how many of these quilts there will be but I am hoping generous quilters will make some QAYG blocks like these and I will make them into quilts for Siblings Together!  

If you want to help I'll be making an announcement here on my blog, on my IG account and on the Siblings Together Quilt Group Blog and IG account and anywhere else I can announce it!  

2. Here's a closer look at those miscellaneous test blocks or orphans which I will make into different quilts for Siblings Together.  It may be possible to put several blocks into one quilt....but I do hope to use them all up somehow! 

3. Marvellous Film Strip - I couldn't resist some discounted Marvel fabric and clever Lucy suggested I make a film strip quilt - so that is what I'll be doing!

4. Circles left over from my clamshell quilt - they will probably be appliqued onto squares and joined together.  Now I'm wondering whether I really want to give this one up! ??  I might have to keep it and add it to these quilts below..

Next up are the big, complicated quilts I want to finish off for me - two from last quarter in the bottom row middle and right and a few new things....just in case

 Top row 5. KLT scrappy and low volume quilt;  6. Bring me Flowers

Bottom row 7. KLT applecore plus  8. Double Wedding Ring; and  9. Alhambra quilt;

And next a few other smaller projects!  

 10. Sewing machine print from Emily to make a cover for my machine; 11.  R2D2 to make into another fabric scrap bin - you can never have too many.

12. 241 bag if I can find the other bits I cut out; 13. butterflies from Juliet to make cushions; 

14. Economy square mini (temporarily misplaced); 15.  Some lovely Oakshott to make into a Christmas candy quiltlet; 16. Clothes - I have patterns and plans - this may drag over into Q3; 

17. robins I made and the 18. typewriter will either be made into tote bags or cushions or a mix !

19. St David's Cross test blocks will be a cushion to go with my quilt.  20. test blocks for a Stingy Bee row quilt could be another cushion!

I had twenty-one things on my last list and I finished twelve!  This time I have twenty-ish  - wonder if I can do as well?  Can I cut them down by half again?

I'm linking up with the Finish-A-Long 2016 are you?  If you want to keep on track of that pile of projects it might just give you the encouragement you need!  

Finish A Long 2016


  1. Congratulations on all your Q1 finishes - you certainly have a great list for Q2 Nicky! Need to get mine together and posted up.

  2. Astonishing results from last quarter, Nicky. You deserve all the prizes.

  3. You are my saviour! Whenever hubby says I quilt too much (wash out his mouth!), I just say, 'you think I'm prolific, meet my friend Nicky!' Great work, keep being busier than me, please :)

  4. WOW!!! All wonderful and so creative :) I'm super excited you're making a film strip quilt with the Marvel fabric - can't wait to see!!

  5. I don't think your list is long enough ;o)


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