Tuesday 5 April 2016

Finish-A-Long Quarter 1 - how did I do? The overview

I am surprisingly thrilled by the chance to score something through, stamp it as finished so I keep my original FAL list and also update a copy like this!  

Mosaic 1 For Me!

Bottom row : 3.  Alhambra quilt; 4. Double Wedding Ring; 5. Stingy Bee Row quilt; 6. Vintage Circles Quilt

Particularly pleased to get so many of these done as they are my more complicated quilts and all but one are King size.  They have therefore been hanging around on my lists for a while!   So goodbye Nordik and Vintage Circles - old list buddies dating back to 2015 and 2009 respectively!  

Mosaic 2 For Siblings Together

Column 1: 7. Nine patch;  8.  Irish chain; 9. Kaleidoscope2 
Column 2: 10. Triffid
Column 3: 11. Scrappy flowers; 12. hexy stars; 13. QAYG tiles

These finishes also give me great joy because they are in such a great cause!   Most have been hanging around in some form since last year too but I only have one left!  

Mosaic 3

Row 1: 14. Butterfly quilt ; 15. Oakshott candy ; 16. KLT bag
Row 2: 17. Clothes ; 18. Bring me Flowers
Row 3:  19. Mini Hawaii;  20. KLT scrappy and low volume quilt; 21. Square in a square

Well I even managed to get two of these finished ...I didn't really expect that!  The rest are rolling over to Quarter 2!


  1. Whoot Whoot - look at all those finished stamps!!! Awesome!!

  2. Amazing number of finishes Nicky, I don't know how you do it!

  3. So many projects finished! How did you manage that? All so different and gorgeous.

  4. Good going! You had a great quarter!

  5. Twelve?!! Blimey!! Congratulations, you qualify for bonus Archie points!


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