Monday 25 April 2016

Finishing small things 3

On my finish along list for quarter two I have a mosaic of small projects.  

This project is number 11.

I entered a swap on IG last year and made a Star Wars themed package for my partner.

A practice piece was left over - a stitchy R2D2.  I felt it should become something so ordered a bit of Star Wars fabric from Frumble Fabric, as you do....

And it quickly became storage for charm squares.  It was made with four rectangles, and a square bottom.  I used car headliner as the stiffener and is works like a dream. (Tip received from Di @wllowbeckdesigns).  As this is a techno style project I left the material visible on the inside and finished of the raw edges with a bit of wide ribbon hand stitched in place, which was the longest bit of the project!

It's full already!  And looking out at me from my fabric shelves - much prettier than the cardboard shoe box it replaced.  I might have to make a few more...

I will be linking this project to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2

Finish A Long 2016

This R2D2 charm square basket is on my Quarter 2 list here


  1. Think of the dent we could make in our stashes if we converted it into useful storage like this!

  2. Very nice, I like this one.


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