Tuesday 26 April 2016

A butterfly medallion!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I started this project with this trial block made from scrappy bits!

And potentially these...

I thought the butterfly would work as a medallion centre and added a simple frame around it - and wondered about a border of propeller blocks using the orphan one I had as a starter

The propeller border was soon finished.

After such a busy border I thought something more open would be a good contrast.

I have oodles of scrap triangles from making other blocks and thought they would suggest small butterflies scooting round the centre in a fluttery cloud !

I placed them at all sorts of angles and liked it!  Only problem was piecing it that way...

So I started piecing it improv style 

First section of this border completed!   But I couldn't leave it there though it did take me a few days and a final push from my friend Helen/Archie on IG!

Here it is complete with x+ cornerstones, fluttery borders and a final scrappy 2 1/2" square border and I'm rather pleased with it!

Who knew it could turn out so well? 

Update :   I sorted that naughty cornerstone and put it firmly in it's place as I couldn't stand it being so forward!

All is well with this quilt top !  Sigh.

Further update:

It is quilted now, mainly in the ditch except where the butterflies are.  
  The central butterfly has a small meander and the little butterflies have a large meander to suffer their flight paths. 

 The quilt is backed with some fabric from Sarah and Jude and it is bound in a scrappy binding.

I am rather pleased with how this quilt turned out.

I will be linking this project to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the end of quarter 2

Finish A Long 2016

The butterfly centre and orphan propeller and x+ blocks are on my Quarter 2 list here


  1. And so you should be pleased. It's a gorgeous quilt. I found making a medallion quilt quite challenging. All those borders needing to be larger and larger each time and all needing to look different although I was working with the same colours of fabrics. Hard!

  2. I've really enjoyed seeing this come together and love what you're doing! Good job on the improv borders!

  3. This is really cool. I love butterflies, both real and in quilts. And I love your quilt.

  4. the butterfly centre and the fluttery improv boarder work perfectly!

  5. A beautiful and inspiring quilt. Love the way it came together and that open butterfly border is so original and clever. Really shows the value of a design wall.

  6. Perfect, your design is wonderful.

  7. What a great looking quilt! I love watching your design process.

  8. Wow! Love the whole quilt, but that butterfly-flutterby border is absolutely stunning!

  9. Love the use of the "little" butterflies in the border!

  10. This is quite delightful, how clever of you to design it as you went along. I tried and found it so difficult, you obviously have a designers eye. Like the others, I particularly like the little butterflies border!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I just love it! Wonderful to see in bigger scale and following progress on IG.

  13. Wow! The butterflies in the border are just fabulous! Beautiful design!

  14. Amazing butterfly border. This quilt is adorable...

  15. I'm back as an official FAL cheerleader, and I love this quilt! What a terrific finish!


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