Tuesday 28 April 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - getting close to a scrappy finish

Scraptastic Tuesday

We are nearing the end of April and at this sort of time I always seem to be thinking about what I can finish off before the month end!  Deadlines and such do seem to help my focus and step up my productivity.

Well it had been my intention to finish off this quilt - quilting 20 clamshells per day in April!  Among other things....

I started off well enough but then put all my energies into making quilts for Siblings Together!  Including this one - see how it evolved...

I think I'm happy with it now!  Just got to piece a back and get it quilted.....a job for next month I think!

In the meantime I will carry on quilting clamshells!  This is what it looked like today - more than half quilted...

View of the pretty Art Gallery Fabric backing with quilted clamshells

To finish the rest of the quilting I will need to quilt 50 clamshells per day!  I'm a bit behind my target but within reach I hope, though my poor needle grabbing fingers are a bit tender at this stage.

I will then have quilted the main part but have yet to decide how to quilt the border so it will not be a grand finish this month but I seriously hope it will be next month!

Nothing beats a scrappy finish does it!?   All that work to fit your fabulous scraps into something gorgeous.  Something that probably has little reminders of lots of projects or in this case lots of charm swaps!  I just love that!

Now I wonder if Leanne has got her scrappy thing going - loved her Liberty nine patches from last week didn't you?


  1. You're fantastic making so many quilts for siblings together! The clamshells are gorgeous and the back is amazing too!

  2. love that clam shell, just right for using up scraps

  3. nicky we should get you a quilty medal! love the clamshells especially ♡

  4. The Siblings Together quilt turned out gorgeous!! Really love it! The clam shell is also fabulous, but less arty!

  5. Those clamshells are gorgeous!

    P.S. I'm (slowly) catching up with commenting - don't bother replying!


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