Tuesday 5 May 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - a scrappy finish!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I started a clamshell quilt back in about July 2014.

I used my sizzix machine to cut out my clamshells which made the job of piecing them all by hand a whole lot easier.   They were all the same size and shape!

 A charm square was just the right size to go through my sizzix for this shape - I have stacks of charms;  some from charm swaps and some I had cut myself from stash.

I tend to cut a few charms from any new fabric coming in so I get to play with it a little as once upon a time I just worked with my scraps and didn't touch my stash - now it seems like the other way around though Scraptastic Tuesday is helping!

Anyway I pieced all my clamshells together 

Added a border in Kona Pear by adding partial clamshells as I couldn't bear to trim them off!

And then hand quilted with a deep purple (229) Finca Perle Cotton no. 12 thread.  I just followed round the inside of each and every of my 480 clamshells.   This took quite a while..... 

Then this weekend I decided I would quilt a flutter of clamshells tumbling every which way in the border - this time in green (1223).  

I have yet to add my add my label details on the inside of a few of those clamshells - maybe when I finally decide what to name the quilt!  

I used a navy white check type print by Lotta Jansdotter as my binding,.. 

..which nicely finished off the front but also went well with the gorgeous Art Gallery Fabric I used a backing.  You can perhaps see the quilting on the back too!

I am so very happy with how this quilt turned out.   For me it has a strong traditional look but yet has a few touches of the modern about it!

Don't forget to get your scrappy projects ready for our linkup next Tuesday!  

You never know I might have another scrappy quilt finished by then as I seem to be finishing quite a few at the moment!  That deadline to finish off our Siblings Together quilts gets closer and closer....

I know Leanne has been playing with some fun FQs and scraps to make a gorgeous baby quilt - and she has a giveaway so you can join in!  Just follow the link

In June I'll be linking this post up to ....

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. This is absolutely stunning. I love EPP and have always wanted a go at clamshells but am rather nervous about piecing the curves properly. x

  2. It is fabulous Nicky! A job vey well done and given that it is mostly hand stitched I think you have completed this in a very good timeframe.

  3. love it! great to use up small pieces of fabric with a scrappy quilt isn't it.

  4. This quilt is wonderful. I love the way your border allows the full clamshells to sort of float inside it. The quilting is perfect, especially the border.

  5. Congrats on a really lovely finish!

  6. Congrats on a great finish! Love your clams so much.:) Great stitching detail!

  7. Beautiful finish and its a lovely traditional/modern.

  8. Absolutely one of my favourite quilts ever. It's just so scrappily perfect, the pear was a brilliant choice, the hand quilting is awesome and those tumbling clamshells!!!! Oh and the back, and the fact you rock!!! LOVE IT!!! I might send some charm squares your way one day because I don't fancy cutting clamshells by hand and I do fancy a clamshell quilt ;) xx

  9. What an amazing and beautiful finish - so much work!

  10. This is a gorgeous. I love these clamshells and all your hand quilting is amazing!

  11. You are most definitely in the 'getting stuff finished' zone just now! Great job N! Jxo

  12. Great job on getting such a wonderful quilt finished.

  13. It's interesting how such a group of different fabrics some quite traditional looking and some quite modern looking, work so well in this quilt. The Kona Pear gives it a kind of 40's or 50's feel. Very lovely.

  14. I just spotted your clam shell quilt... wonderful! It's so beautifully scrappy, lots to look at, & I love the kona pear border!

  15. Stunning. (No need to say anything else about it!)

  16. Do you know how much I love this quilt?

    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad* (And once again commenting right below my own comment!)

  17. Wow - the setting is so great and lets the clam shells really shine. My clam shell is getting bumped to the next FAL quarter. It's so hard to do it all. congrats on pulling it off


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