Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pick stitching those clams

Well I have been itching to get back to a bit of hand quilting for a while and this is the project that was tempting me...

This beauty is on my FAL list.  I started it in the summer last year after I got a sizzix clamshell die.   So much fun to stick a few charm squares in a machine, turn a handle and out comes some perfectly cut clamshells.

I was handpiecing them -  you can see how here.  I even took them to Spain and did some poolside stitching.

Anyway I pieced my backing fabric yesterday (only a gorgeous bit of AGF with a floral sprig) and basted it.  

Last night I started pick stitching as my lovely friend Mary Duggan calls it - big quilt stitching with cotton perle to me!  Mary often uses black to do her pick stitching and I love that look.  

I am using  a deep purple-grey sort of a colour!  Made by Finca no 12 weight, colour 229!  I stayed up too late stitching as I saw all my favourite fabrics in a very eclectic mix of clamshells and they were all calling out to be stitched!

I reckon that if I manage to quilt round 20 each day I should be finished by the end of April!  Wish me and my poor fingers good luck with that!


  1. So pretty and when I read the title I was going to ask what pick stitching was!

  2. Best of luck with your goal. The stitches are looking great. Having perfectly cut pieces to start with really do help to make a perfect quilt.

  3. A wonderful hand stitching project... each clam will be fun to revisit!

  4. This really is amazing! I was hoping to be more scraptacular this year - perhaps I should try one of these... :)

  5. Love this quilt! It's just incredible and I love that you hand pieced it.:)

  6. the quilting compliments your clamshells perfectly. Great progress on the quilting.
    Happy quilting and will definitely be cheering you on from the sidelines!

  7. Now that is some wonderful hand quilting.

  8. Oh gosh, that's s lot of quilting, but it really is looking fab!

  9. The quilting is fabulous - I bet it looks great on the back, too!


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