Tuesday 7 April 2015

Finish Along Quarter 2

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

My list for Quarter 2 is longer than the last quarter as I managed to finish nine projects off and am happy for a list to roll over to the next quarter if necessary.

I didn't finish four on my Quarter 1 list but I have now finished four other projects that were not on the list!  Go figure!

My roll over projects are these ones

Top Left and Clockwise
Nordik, Scraptastic Sampler, Clamshell and Vintage Circles

Nordik and Vintage circles are still to be stitched into quilt tops.  Nordik may even need a few more blocks and Vintage Circles is more a matter of appliqueing everything down...  Clamshells is being quilted by hand - almost halfway and Scraptastic Sampler is a finished top waiting to be layered and basted.

New to my list are these - Mostly there

Top Left and Clockwise
Interwoven Maker
Interwoven Solids - destined for Siblings Together
Star - destined for Siblings Together
Raspberry Ripple - destined for Siblings Together

All finished quilt tops with the exception of the star quilt which is part quilted.

Barely There

Top Left and Clockwise
Wedding Ring Quilt
Victoria Plum Duff - destined for Siblings Together
Blueberry Pie - destined for Siblings Together

Not much has happened with these as yet. 

KLT2 - these fabric scraps are on their way from the lovely Karen to which I will be adding lots of LV !  And the Wedding Ring Quilt is a template, a book by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and a promise to Trudi Woods plus scraps and stash !   

The last two are repeats of Raspberry Ripple but in different colourways. I'm getting help with the filling of Victoria Plum Duff as my purple stash is limited!   And I'm not definite about the background choices as yet....

And the Miscellaneous section or Lucky Dip

Top Left and Clockwise

Square in a square blocks - received in a swap and needing to be used in a small quilt I think
My Knotting project from FQR14 with Thomas Knauer - could be a cushion cover when finished
A pile of blocks that were left over and should be made into quilts for Siblings Together with a bit of help from others or more blocks from me - even happy to donate them elsewhere!
My Hand Quilting project from FQR14 with Jen Kingwell - thinking large pouch, cushion cover or mini quilt!

 I think that should keep me busy for a while!


  1. This list certainly will keep you busy. I am trying to decide on going large or going compact this quarter, decisions need to be made soon.

  2. You are a whirlwind Nicky! I'm sure you'll achieve most of this!

  3. If this list belonged to anyone else I'd say No Way, but seeing as it's you, there is a real possibility that this crazy list will be managed! Go for it!!

  4. My goodness! You will indeed be very busy Nicky! You have a nice selection of different projects that should keep you inspired and energized - good luck!!!

  5. Good luck on your finishes. I'm amazed at how much you manage to get done.

  6. Yes, that'll definitely keep you busy! Not necessarily out of mischief, though ;o)

  7. Impressive list! I look forward to seeing the finishes. If I get my churn dash too together in the next six days, I will link up to Scrap Tuesday ; )


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