Friday 3 April 2015

Siblings Together Again!

I have been really inspired this year to use up my scraps - boxes full of them!   And to do so in aid of the charity Siblings Together - it is such a great cause and one that has touched my heart!

So when I intended to make one scrappy quilt I changed my mind to make three out of about the same number of blocks.

The Hot Cross Bun block from  Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps Quiltmaker column.   Bonnie has recently published a quilt of these blocks set on point and sashed and it is on the cover of Quiltmaker.

This had been the plan - though lots more blocks

Then it became this...

Using 45 blocks

and this

Using 49 blocks

and this...

Using 45 blocks though in the actual quilt I managed to add two rows so the total was 61 blocks and I opened up the centre area!

And do you know what I think I like the way these quilts are turning out better.  These are all my actual tops 

Red Hot Cross was finished first - it is bound - I just haven't taken an updated photo yet!

Now I have Blue Ziggurat to show you!

I was wondering how to quilt it and asked for suggestions on IG!   I went with the simplest idea - to outline my blocks in that courthouse steps layout in very wonky organic straight lines!  I stuck to blue thread so the quilting adds more texture than definition.  Just as well I think!  

It is bound in the same blue fabric as the background, Kona Riviera and I did it all by machine with a little bit of handstitching where I missed catching the binding underneath!  

And here is the backing fabric which I found in a destash sale on IG (from Claire)!  A cute bunting fabric which works well with this quilt I think!

Only one of these left - the green one !

As I now have some backing fabric it may not be long!


  1. You are amazing and the quilts are stunning too! Well done.

  2. I think this is a great way to use this type of block. You actually look at the blocks closer because they are showcased more.

  3. Looking awesome. I especially love it when quilts are made for charity. Great job!

  4. This group of quilts is just so stunning, you continue to amaze me every time you finish something else.

  5. Beautiful group of quilts, this is such a lovely scrap pattern.

  6. These look really great Nicky. You have stretched your blocks so brilliantly to bless three children with quilts this summer (as well, of course, as all the others you have been busy with).

  7. The quilting on the blue quilt is wonderful - such texture! Straight(ish) lines from one side to the other for the green or something more spectacular?!


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