Tuesday 14 April 2015

#Scraptastic Tuesday - April Link UP

Scraptastic Tuesday

And here we are again!  The April Link Up! 

This means we have been doing scrappy thing for seven whole months!   Would you believe it!?  

Must say my scraps do seem to have diminished a little - at least the scraps do seem to stay in the boxes I have to store them, which is better than the mess on the floor round them, that I used to have, as they spilled over.   

But there is still a long way to go before I could say I have got them under control!

What about you?

This week I've been working on several things!  It seems to keep me energised and interested.  

I had fun testing a pattern for a foundation pieced tiny featherweight sewing machine for Grace (IG @chainofdaisies).  I don't often do paper piecing but I did love making these cute blocks which finish at 5".  She has a pattern out now in her newly set up Etsy shop.

I did use some scraps for these but made a whole mess more - they went in the bin I have to say!  

The blocks will be added to these bigger sewing machines for my Bee a Brit Stingy partner Collette.  She is wanting a row of sewing related items to go with her spools row!   

I'll be passing two rows on down the line to Di.   And receiving my next row at the end of the month.

I have also been doing a bit of a clear out of drawers and such and found these blocks which are leftovers from other projects - they count as scraps right?

I thought I could put a few together to make another quilt for #siblings together.  So first up I have these hexagon shaped things - apart from the bottom right one which is an octogon ...

And already I have offers from IG to send me some hexies albeit a different size.  So I had a little play on EQ to see what I might do with them and came up with these two options...

Prefer this one myself!   Sadly when I looked in the EQ library it only had one pieced hexagon so we just have to imagine different ones!

If you have any hexies to share just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Now let's find out what you have been up to!

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes:
  • Massdrop - a bundle including Aurifil Mako 50-weight 1,422-yard spool of thread in Dove (2600), Natural White (2021), and Light Beige (2310)
Have fun linking up and of course looking at what everyone else has been up to...


  1. Hi Nicky, thanks for sharing about my pattern! I love the look of the second hexie layout, looks fab. I could possibly make a few? Have never tried pieced hexies, but could be fun. let me know

  2. Lots of fun things on your design wall! I like your first EQ layout. Sadly...no hexies here.

  3. Of course old blocks are scraps. I like that first layout as well.

  4. Those sewing machines are so cute! And wow, have we been doing this for 7 months already?

  5. Brilliant sewing machines for Colette's row quilt. Think I like the second hexie setting better but both are lovely and that's a good way to use up spare hexies!

  6. I love that second layout! Finally linked up too :)
    I am commenting from my computer and can barely see the links or where to comment - it's like a very very pale grey but I have my glasses on and everything!!

  7. Seven months! You are making a lot of headway with your scraps.:)

  8. I love your hexis, the second layout is my favourite! Linda

  9. I love your little sewing machines--sew cute!!

  10. The sewing machines are so cute, love your hexagons as well. Great projects.

  11. The little sewing machines are really cute and the whole strip is gorgeous!


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