Thursday 9 April 2015

The Final Frontier!

The giant star quilt (pattern by Jeni Baker @incolororder) which managed to lie undetected for months if not a year or so has been finished!

Quite frankly I needed the basting pins

but perhaps it was the decision to donate this one to Siblings Together - a reason to finish it maybe.  Or was it just because at last it had been put on a list - my FALQ2 list?  Anyway it got finished quite quickly really....makes me wonder why I didn't do it long ago?

I had started off quilting star related words around the edges of the star way back when and a few science fiction quotes ....from Star Trek and Doctor Who!   Then I was filling in the star diamonds with FMQ motifs.   

Yesterday I quilted the background with straight lines following around the star shape and filled in the remaining star points.   I made my binding too so I only had to stitch it on this morning.

I will be very happy to pass this one onto Siblings Together - you never know it mind end up in the hands of a future astronaut, a science fiction writer or just someone who likes to dream...?

 The back is more plaid and a bit of tartan !   Well I am Scottish ..... 

.....beam me up Scottie!

I will be linking this finish up to Finish Along 2015 in July!  You still have time to write your new list and join in - do it before April 14th !

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Agree at quilts for a great cause.

  2. It turned out great!!! I like the big star!

  3. Great finish! I love those huge stars - and yours in plaids is pretty sweet :) I'm watching the first episodes of Outlander on DVD right now and loving it, so pretty much into all things Scottish LOL!!!

  4. Looks fabulous Nicky, I love the colours

  5. Looks fabulous Nicky, I love the colours

  6. What a great finish! I love plaids! Great idea for the quilting.

  7. The quarter has barely started and you've already got a wonderful finish - bravo!

  8. This is such a great pattern - love all of the plaids you have used! *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*


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