Tuesday 31 March 2015

Hot Cross Buns on Scraptastic Tuesday!

Sorry we are on holiday here and I forgot it was Tuesday!  Oops!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I started quilting the red quilt yesterday!

 This was the plan of how it should look!

The little blocks are a design I found on Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville, called Hot Cross Bun.   I thought I could use up lots of scraps making a quilt full of these blocks - but I've actually split them up with some solids and am making three! 

This was how my first quilt top grew on my design wall!

I had been thinking how to quilt this one for a while and decided to go for a sort of organic straight line L shaped quilting!  

This was the one quarter I got done yesterday!

This is what I have backed it with....an organic zigzag from Birch Fabrics.

And Ta Da!  This is what it looks like now...bit blowy out there

Love how the quilting works with the design.

In fact it does look pretty much like my plan - who would have thought it!?

Just got a self coloured binding to add and this will be added to my pile for Siblings Together...we are looking for 100 quilts this year so if you have a few to spare just let me know!

Now back to Scraptastic matters I see that Leanne was playing with Heather Ross charm squares on Friday!  Wanna see?...Then follow the link


  1. Fabulous work! Love it with the stitching.:)

  2. Love the pattern, the colors, and of course especially good cause : )
    Way to get it done !

  3. Looks ace! How many quilts have you now added to the ST total?

  4. LOVE the quilting! This is my fav! Jxo

  5. Love it, especially with that striking red solid :)


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