Tuesday 6 January 2015

Tulips are dancing!

An old partial quilt top has been dragged into the light!

I have a purpose at last in finishing this quilt as my cousin's daughter is expecting a baby in February.  No better excuse I thought and it has really spurred me on to finish it!  

I have also had some inspiration in how to finish it which was also holding this one up.

This is what it looked like before I got going again

I was a little bit stumped as to how I should fill in those crescent shaped holes!

And this is a photo of it now

The coloured four pointed stars in the middle have been swapped for white ones.   The coloured stars are all on the border with some four patches which will go all the way around ....eventually!  I have started filling in the half diamond shape on the edge with white.   
I can see how it will finish so it's only a matter of getting it done.


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