Monday 26 January 2015

The Tulip Dance is done!

I started this quilt in March 2013 as I wanted something a bit challenging! 

Well I did achieve that!

It all started with this block ...

I thought a few would look nice together

Helen pointed out there was a sort of four pointed star between them so I thought I'd make use of that!

My first thought was this - but didn't like it!

 This seemed better...

I got stuck when I got this far

And then I just pottered on a bit and came to another stop - other things were more pressing...

At my uncle's 90th birthday party in December I learnt that his grand daughter was having a baby in February so I decided to finish it off and gift it to her.

 I started looking at it from here!

I wanted to add this as a border and decided the coloured stars all had to go in the border and so there was a bit of unpicking and restitching required!

It didn't take too long to finish the top now I had decided what to do 

and I had a lovely print by Bari J from Art Gallery Fabrics which seemed to be asking to go on the back..

I was tempted to quilt the background with a stipple or something swirly to help the coloured bits stand out but in the end I just quilted in the ditch or near it (I can't do straight lines) and left it a bit simpler and puffier after all it is a baby quilt!

That done I found a pretty green, grey and turquoise vintage style floral in my stash/scraps - just enough to bind round my quilt!  

I had supervision at this point!

Last night I finished stitching it down....think the glass of wine helped

So this morning I took some pics that don't look too bad even on this gloomy overcast day!

I may not want to part with it but I am looking forward to handing it over!  Best write up the details so I remember how I did it first though I may want to make this pretty one again.

One of my FAL15 quilts which I will be linking up at the end of the quarter.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. It's a very beautiful quilt to gift. Brilliant designing along the way.

  2. It looks fantastic! You have such vision, Nicky. I agree with Sarah, brilliant designing!

  3. It's lovely and a perfect baby quilt. I love how you just move elements about in your quilts without hesitation or grumping.

  4. Absolut stunning quilt, beautiful colors and design. Never seen anything that comes close to that type of pattern.
    Congratulations on the finish and yes, do not forget how to make this one.

  5. It turn out beautiful. What a wonderful gift to receive.

  6. Oh my goodness it's beautiful. I like your approach of making something lovely and letting it organically grow into a vision. It's completely opposite of my typical process but if sure yielded amazing results!

  7. Wowsers this is one amazing quilt! The way you worked out the border is just ingenious. Well done for perservering - I would have given up long ago! This is going to make someone very very happy!

  8. Great that you persevered! Love the border! Jxo

  9. I agree. Take some notes and do it again. Too pretty not to be done twice, I say.

  10. You always combine such pretty fabrics so well. Good on you for not letting this become a UFO.
    Lucky new baby!

  11. What a great finish! Someone is going to be very happy to be receiving this.:)

  12. stupendous! you are amazing....

  13. Such a lovely quilt! Thank you for describing the process how you arranged the blocks, so interesting. I love tulips and the colours you have here.

  14. It's gorgeous. I'm really impressed how you just take it apart and put it back together to make it work. Do write up the pattern to remake it.

  15. It is so gorgeous! Someone is really lucky to get this beauty!

  16. Gorgeous, I love how the border colours look.

  17. Your tulip dance is just beautiful! Congratulations on finishing it up.

  18. What a wonderfully sweet design and finish! I just love this! And the border is perfect! Love, love, love it!! I would be hard pressed to part with it be making plans for another!!! :)


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