Monday 26 January 2015

Bee Blocks done so quick it isn't even February!

I just happened to be on Flickr when I saw Maria's Siblings Together Bee block request for February: any block 10" finished!   As I was looking for a bit of a change I thought a little bit of piecing would fit the bill...

Georgia and Wishing Ring - done and in the post already!

I found these blocks in the gargantuan book 5500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone.   It is a great resource but you only get a diagram so need to be able to work out the sizes of things yourself.  

I did also find a block, Emerald & Topaz, to start my Stingy Bee Row quilt - see below

I rather like the pattern this block makes in a quilt of mirrored blocks too! Totally different right?

Oh the joys of EQ and the need to stay firmly on the path of finishing UFOs!  How long can I last out?


  1. Don't give up now. You have been amazing at finishing those UFOs and staying focused (mostly). Just imagine the freedom of your playtime when that final bunch is all finished!

  2. Well done, I've just finished mine too, so nice to have them done already! Who says you have to tackle the UFO's?

  3. Wonderful blocks. I have the EQ7 on order.

  4. Love the bee blocks and the possible Stingy row block is a great choice! (Yes, it looks fabulous in the EQ diagram but don't get sidetracked quite yet, will you pet?!)

    P.S. Mary - I do!!! *puts foot down*


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