Saturday 17 January 2015

Fickle on Friday!

On Thursday I was working on my oldest UFO - Sewing Words - got two picture blocks done and now have one more to show you to go with the word Pin of course!   

I even have one of these and have had it since I was a girl!  Pressie from my mum!

Getting there slowly....

But I started being fickle on Friday ..well I had cut out all those clamshells I needed to finish my top and I decided to do some handstitching on Thursday evening.  I got one more corner stitched together but not yet attached to the quilt

And one more corner was being worked on yesterday and I have just finished it today though it might have been quicker without some feline interference...

All nicely laid out...

Before I could stop her...

Re-sorted and more mischief planned...

Okay I'll wait till you go or look away then...

Pets - don't you just love them!


  1. Good job she's cute eh! The clamshells love fab x

  2. I've always wanted to make a clamshell quilt. Lovely

  3. i have 2 of those helpers that are no help at all ... gotta love them.

  4. This is looking great.. despite help from your darling little feline friend! and it's hand stitched? Linda

  5. Great help, so recognizable! Love the quilt!

  6. Love your clamshells, cute to have a little supervisor to oversee all the flickle work.

  7. Our "helpers" just like to participate :) Your clam shells are looking AWESOME.

  8. you are really sticking clamshells in my head woman!! i'm obsessing....

  9. Fickle? That doesn't sound like you one bit ;o)


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