Thursday 15 January 2015

Pushing things along....

I have been challenged, in January, by my friends, in the Lazy Bums group, to push this quilt along.   It is now my oldest UFO!  Sorry about the gloomy photo....

It dates back to my first ever bee - Sew & Bee Happy!   I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I just stepped in and I guess like most new things that is what you have to do!   Of course, I then stepped into four more bees so it must have been ok, don't you think!?

I think I terrified some people by asking for pieced sewing related words - I had a list just so I didn't get the same three letter words over and over!

Dream; Design; Cut; Pin; Piece; Stitch; Trim; Layer; Baste; Quilt; Bind

That bit was fine!   My lovely bee mates helped me with those!

I then decided I should add representations of these activities - I had seen several foundation pieced patterns designed for Sew Out Loud {quilters wordplay}  I even made some of them!  The iron, the seam ripper, the sewing box, the sewing machine....and then I stalled as paper piecing is not really my thing to be honest.  Yes I can do it, but I don't enjoy it as much as other things...(maybe I need even more practice?)

So new plan - something I like better - piecing a pixel heart  - the 'Love' block made by the adorable Jude

And a couple of spools....

'Bind' was made by the sweet fluffy sheep that is Cindy

Later there will be some applique...and maybe even some other stuff.  

Feel like I've made a small step forward...


  1. It looks so fabulous! I'm with you on paper piecing, I can do it but it's not my favourite thing. The blocks you've added look brilliant and I like that you're using so many methods :)

  2. Sew Bee Happy seems like an eternity ago! Can't wait to see this one finished! Keep going! Jxo

  3. Amazing Nicky, no comma required.

  4. I love what you're creating here, Nicky. That seam ripper is awesome! Keep adding little happy bits and you'll have a finished top in no time!


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