Thursday 8 January 2015

Flying Squares!

For some reason I just love the name of this block!  Sounds a bit like a circus trapeze troupe perhaps all dolled up in sequined lycra!  Ok my imagination is working overtime and without any illegal substances I swear!

Here is the block 

And here are the blocks made by yours truly and my wonderful Siblings Together Quilts bee during November and December.

There were no problems in stitching these blocks together into a top.

Indeed I have been waiting for FAL2015 to start up so I could add this quilt to my list and have my first official finish off 2015!

So after going round in organic circles for a while ....

I have finished quilting this one!  Design suggested by backing fabric 

And now to bind it!

Edit  - all finished now 

Another FAL15 finish to be linked at the end of the quarter

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


  1. Fabulous baking it!

  2. I love the name flying squares! Its perfect! Great backing fabric and the quilting is fabulous. I love circular quilting ;)

  3. Love this block. This will be one I teach my new students.

  4. Lovely (inset seams though - shudder!)

  5. the quilting is looking lovely!

  6. I like the way the strips in the blocks join together in such a random way (the design not your stitching !)

  7. Love this block, and the backing is just gorgeous!

  8. Oh, bravo! I can't wait to see if completely finished!

  9. The quilting is perfect for this fun quilt.


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