Thursday 2 October 2014

FAL round up

Well another three months have gone....and it is time to own up to how far down the Finish Along list I have got.   Not too shabby given the length of the list I'd say....

Finish Along 2014

Friendship's Garden Quilt - finished!  It only took me 9 years!

Stingy Plus Quilt - finished with help from the fabulous members of Bee A Brit Stingy

Love Heart Quilt - finished!  Pattern from V & Co and red/pink fabrics from the ruby Oakshott bundle and Helen.  This one belongs to my youngest daughter...

Sibling's Together 1 & 2 - both finished and handed over at Fat Quarterly Retreat - helped by the marvellous generosity of Moda and Becca at Sew Me A Song and the talents of the Sibling's Together Quilting Bee - thanks ladies!

Swap Baskets for FQR - finished and swapped

So that was the good news!

I have four UFO's to rollover till next time

Tulip Dance - no progress

Vintage Circles - no progress

Sewing Words - no real progress here

Hexy Big Balls - almost finished piecing the backing 

And here are the four new projects I started this quarter but have yet to finish

Blueberry Park Chevrons - lots of progress 

From this 

To this....

Using a mix of manufactured fabric and those special ones printed by my lovely friend and bee mate Karen!  Chevrons cut by my Sizzix machine.

Clamshells - lots of progress - from these few ...

To this ...

Again cut with the Sizzix machine - thinking of making it bigger yet!
Christmas - now named Nordik Quilt - loads of progress

One of my early blocks...

To this....

Loads of help received from my fabulous Stingy Bee friends again - they are the best! Flowering Snowball, inspired by Mary Dugan, went from this plan on EQ6 and an order of Oakshott

To this - an almost finished quilt top - and I have been challenged by my Lazy Bum mate Lizzie to finish the top in October!

Lots still to do - well you didn't really think I'd finish that list.....did you?


  1. I still think you did well at the finishing. Not so well at the not starting anything new but then I don't suppose that was on your list, was it?!

  2. I am so very happy to see that other quilters have lots of projects on the go! What a delightful collection of finished and WIP quilts, my favourite is Stingy Plus Quilt.

  3. What a amazing amount of fabulous finishes!! Hurry up and finish the Nordic quilt: what have you been doing with your time!!

  4. Such variety in colour and pattern and theme! The Love Heart quilt is beautiful for it's simplicity!

  5. they are all spectacular! extra congratulations for completing my favourite of your ufo's.
    I wouldn't worry if the ufo list is never completed because we all love to start something new....

  6. You get SO much done. I love your style of quilting too.

  7. Beautiful variety and wonderful work Nicky ! I especially love your Flowering Snowball, bravo.

  8. Such a variety of quilts finished and in progress. I'm sure you'll have all of them finished in a jiffy and started several more!

  9. You are so productive! I can't believe how much you've completed, and such big projects too, it's not like they were little zippy bags or bookmarks or something!

  10. Wow, you must never, ever sleep!! I want you to know that you are entirely responsible for the state of my dining room after your last post. I have started not one, but two scrap quilts because I couldn't make my mind up which to do first. Well, you and Pinterest!!

  11. I'm coming to the conclusion that you have an internal challenge to have one project of your own for each other person's on the list ;o)

  12. Hi, Nicki! I came visiting because I linked up on Scraptastic Tuesday and that led to surfing around yours and Leanne's blogs. :D Fun stuff! You have some wonderful quilts on this post - but that Garden quilt at the top!! GORGEOUS. worth the 9 years, :D

  13. You'll get them finished though. You're on such a finishing run!


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