Tuesday 7 October 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday sampler quilt!

I am in love with scraps and cannot decide which scrappy quilt to make next.  So I thought I should make them all!  

 Well not really I wouldn't be allowed to would I ?   But the next best thing is to make a sampler.   Once upon a time I didn't really like samplers but having seen Jen Kingwell's Green Tea & Sweet Beans I had a bit of an epiphany and now I love them most of all.   You cannot get bored making a quilt with 31 different blocks, and only a few repetitions in it, can you?

Now the next exciting bit of news is that I'm making a quilt with Liberty fabric - yeah I'm actually cutting up my stash of long hoarded lovelies!  Unfortunately I cannot show it to you yet  - sad face !   But I can show you the leftovers and make blocks with them, so that is what I'll be doing!

So here are my first group - they are similar in construction but different sizes!

A churn dash (12"), a snowball (6") and a shoo fly (6")

Before piecing

All stitched and ready to party

I have two Grecian square blocks to make to add to this group.

Other groups of blocks to come will have a common theme.  

I'll be sneaking in a bit of Liberty, a bit of solids and whatever I have to hand.   They will all be simple blocks, easily constructed and they will be made in these sort of colours.  I already have a plan mapped out of how they will fit together and that is quite organised for me!

Want to join in?  I doubt you will need a proper tutorial for these but I will tell you what to cut to make them the same as mine:

Churndash 12" finished
one 4.5" central square
four 5 " squares - cut in half on the diagonal and pieced to make four 4.5" HSTs
four 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles pieced in pairs 

Shoo Fly/Snowball 6" finished
five 2.5" squares
four 3" squares - cut in half on the diagonal and pieced to make four 2.5" HSTs

Grecian Square next and that will be 4 out of 31 different blocks done!  Several are repeated but no more than four times.  

The quilt will be 72" square but can be adapted to your needs and may get bigger if I feel the need/can't resit adding a few more blocks...

And don't forget to check out what Leanne is up to on the other side of the ocean!


  1. What fun, and I have some liberty scraps too. But then I just started a new scrappy quilt last night, I'm just waiting for some light to take a decent photo for my blog post.

  2. The fabrics are an inspired choice !

  3. Great idea for using the liberty leftovers. I think it will come together beautifully.

  4. Make them all? No, you're certainly not allowed to do that!! I love love love the mix of pale green and Liberty!!


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