Tuesday 28 October 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - Friendship Stars and other HST things!

Last day to link up for this month people!   You can do that here!

This week has been about another favourite block of mine, the friendship star!  It is another nine patch design so I have made two 9" and two 6" ones.  Keeping the maths simple as that's the way I like it  ....

For the 9" star - cut five 3.5" squares; and four 4" squares to make four 3.5" HSTs.

For the 6" star - cut five 2.5" squares; and four 3" squares to make four 2.5" HSTs.

Arrange as photo and stitch in rows matching seams. 

Be aware that the stars can either go round in a clockwise or anti-clockwise fashion depending on how you place your HSTs.  Best not to go in both directions as that makes a different block entirely!   

You will notice that I have one of each in each size.   I think this adds to the scrappy look and adds movement to the quilt which I like!  

So here is a group shot of the friendship stars 

Not only that but I have also squeezed in a 10" propeller block:

 made with nine 2.5" squares to make the cross in the middle; and four 5" squares to make four 4.5" HSTs

Five 4" broken dishes : each block is made from four 3" squares, which make four 2.5" HSTs.   Making several means you can mix up the fabrics to make them scrappy.  

Many of you will prefer to sew two squares together and stitch with a quarter inch seam either side of the diagonal centre line.  To get a real scrappy mix I just cut my squares in half before stitching, as it gives me more variety but you do have to treat your cut fabric with respect as this diagonal cut is on the bias and can stretch if you happen to pull it!

And finally one 6" Double X block:  made from three 2.5" squares and six 3" squares to make six 2.5" HSTs 

And that is my group 3 set of blocks complete.

 And here is my sampler so far - my blocks are widely spaced at the moment but I will be filling it all in over the next few weeks

And remember up until midnight today (at Leanne's house which is MST) you can still link a post or picture about your scrap projects, or ideas for using or organizing or working with scraps. Winners will be drawn randomly for the fantastic prizes from our generous sponsors tomorrow and announced on Thursday.

The next monthly Scraptastic Tuesday link up will be the second Tuesday of November which is Remembrance Day, November 11. From now on the link will be open for just a week, so you will need to be a bit more organized if you are playing along.  

Leanne and I do need your company on this challenge, so I do hope you are joining us!  It could take quite a while to tame my mountains of scraps - not sure about yours!?

Leanne has joined me making my sampler out of solids and Liberty fabric.  Do go and have a look ...


  1. Your blocks look great! What a lovely idea and I love HSTs.

  2. Gorgeous blocks! I'd best get thinking about my next Scraptastic post!

  3. Love the friendship star- it is so versatile! And your design wall is looking most impressive!

  4. Beautiful blocks! It is so interesting to see and hear everything going on with the Scraptastic challenge. I am not linking up because I do not have a blog, but want you to know that I am joining in, and using scraps exclusively right now, making lots of presents at the moment. sarah@forrussia.org

  5. You do realize that your centre squares got flipped in your propeller block - right?

  6. What a great assortment of blocks. I like that you gave the dimensions of the pieces. I also like your design wall. Thanks for hosting Scraptastic Tuesday.


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