Thursday 9 October 2014

Finish Along 2014 the Final List!

Finish Along 2014

Isn't is slightly ominous that this is the last of the FAL lists for 2014 - how did that come about so quickly?

I said I would finish all my UFOs this year (well, I said that I wanted to do it in 2013 too but didn't even get near it!)

This year I have actually finished 16 out of the 20 UFOs I had listed at the beginning of the year and I think that has been a massive achievement!  

This Finish Along, my Lazy Bums group and many cheerleaders and monitors among you lovely people have really helped in this process and I owe you all a huge debt of thanks!

So only four remaining UFOs (for me a UFO is a project one year old or over)  and here they are - at the very least I'm sure I can get two more finished!    The top two don't really need that much more to finish them...

And then I started these projects in Quarter 3 - half the battle in keeping the UFOs down is not starting new projects - it seems that only works for the first six months for me!  Oops!

Now you are wondering what other things I have on my list aren't you?

Well there are these four!  Almost all at the finished (or nearly) quilt top stage

Then in October I started a thing with Leanne @She Can Quilt - #Scraptastic Tuesday.  

Please join in on our blogs, where there will be a linky party for your scrappy projects, large and small, every month on the second Tuesday of the month.  And there will even be prizes from these fabulous sponsors!

So if like us you are drowning in scraps join in and let's see if we can contain them!

I am hoping to use up all my scraps or at least keep up with them.  My first scrappy project is the Dresden quilt in the mosaic above but I am very excited about a new project - a Scraptastic Sampler.  

I will be making easy traditional blocks from my scraps, in various sizes from 4" - 15" with just a few repeats to keep my interest going.  I am liberating my Liberty scraps in this project along with solids and other prints.   Here is my progress to date...

I'm giving dimensions of the units making up my blocks so you can join in if you want to.  I have it all planned out and everything!

And I've also joined two swaps....

IG miniswap 
Trim the Tree Swap 

Of course there are plans for other quilts to join these ones - isn't there always!?


  1. You are awesome! You achieve a lot. I'm looking forward to that scrappy link up. I won't be organized this month, but maybe next ; )

  2. That's still quite a list, even for you Nicky! I'm looking forward to joining your scraptastic Tuesday ( when I 've finished a few more WIP's).

  3. You've been a star completing all those UFOs this year and you have some really pretty new projects on the go. Keep at it, you're doing amazingly!

  4. I'm exhausted just looking, and now can't face the thought of my UFO's! Something to aim for next year...

  5. You can do it!

    I have several scrap projects on the go and I keep forgetting to link up to these sorts of things....

  6. YES! There's always a plan for a new quilt - in the head, on paper or in a book! You have done extremely well in completing 16..16! quilts! And I have joined the Scraptastic Tuesday - I must finish another block for the upcoming week!

  7. Beautiful! i want to see the boy quilt finished! This would be perfect for Christmas to snuggle into. And the Snowballs! So many gorgeous quilts .. Keep going, the flying geese are waiting for you :)

  8. In your 3rd collage-the last quilt-can you share where the pattern is for that quilt? It's a fun quilt and I have lots of scraps that might just work for that one!

  9. HI, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful quilts. I too have many UFO's, about which I've quietly felt a little ashamed that I haven't finished. I think I'll have to follow your lead and publish photos to keep me on track - although it's very hard when there's so much inspiration to start new projects! Again, many thanks.

  10. Nicky, you are always so busy, I am in awe! And you have such gorgeous things to finish

  11. You are quite certifiable ;o) Good luck!

  12. Nicky, you've done soooo well! I know you can do it for the final quarter too. Get attem girl!!

  13. Sixteen (big) finishes in less than a year is amazing - bravo!! Now, get on and finish the other four! Come on, chip chop!


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