Tuesday 30 September 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - what is a scrap quilt?

Join us:

What is a scrap quilt?

The simplest answer is any quilt that uses up whatever we call scraps!   You had my definition of scraps last week!

Hmmm!?  Does it all have to be scraps?   Can we add in some background, sashing fabric from stash?  I'd have to say yes!

I added the black background fabric to my scraps for this scrappy project - a pattern called Kaleidoscope Hexagon by Carolyn Forster.  The black pulls it all together.

I also made this version with a wide pink border....the rest is scrappy - I got a bit bored and wanted a quicker finish

And these quilts in turn provided the tumblers for my new project with the Dresdens!

This one only had scrappy bonus HSTs cut from some bee blocks to form the bear claws and some of the squares ...

Does it still count as a scrappy quilt?

How many different fabrics should it contain before we can call it scrappy?

As many as possible I'd say!

These two quilts really have a scrappy feel due to the amount of different fabrics in them though some were pulled from stash and some from my scrap bins.  The setting triangles in the one just above did all come straight out of my string collection.

I love colour and love to include different colours or shades of those colours in my chosen palette. 

It is something I've learnt from putting quilts together that if one colour looks out of place then the answer might be to put more of that colour in rather than taking it out.  This can be especially true of bee quilts if your background comes from different sources. 

I would have been delighted to make something scrappy today but have spent the day coughing and sneezing, watching TV from the sofa.   Hopefully I'll feel better next week.

Be sure to visit Leanne to see what she has been up to!

In the meantime Happy Scrapping!


  1. I love scrap quilts and especially like your last two. I think if the main body of the quilt is scraps it doesn't matter if you use one large colour piece to pull the rest of the quilt together.
    Your look great !

  2. Girl, you have scrappy down pat. I love all the cacophony of wonderful color!!

  3. You are the scrappy queen!! In a good way ;) the baby bear paw is so gorgeous!!

  4. So many beautiful quilts Nicky - you're an inspiration!

  5. Those last two deserve a pattern - they are so gorgeous. It's hard to believe they are scrappy. If no time for a pattern, would you give us a head on photo so we can use to craft our own - credit given to you. Just started one of my own.

  6. You do scrappy beautifully! Get better soon.

  7. Oh no! Not you too! So much lurgy going around! Take care, Jxo

  8. Lovely to see so many of your quilts again! Hope you feelbettersoon

  9. I may just have started a scrappy block (or will it be a quilt?) today! I hope to post next Tuesday! I empathise with you - I've been sick this week too! And I'm on school holidays! UGH!

  10. I have started some scrappy hexies - no idea what I will make them into, but the hand sewing is therapeutic :-)

  11. love all your projects! scrappy is always fantastic! get better soon x

  12. I love a scrappy quilt and you do them very well!

  13. I don't usually like scrappy quilts but I LOVE IT. I would make this. How about a quilt along. That would be so much fun and get us through the winter.

  14. Hope you are feeling better today. I did the sofa thing this afternoon.x

  15. Thanks for the tip of putting more of the odd colour in. I've always wondered about this with scrappy quilts, that my scraps don't all go together.


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