Saturday 25 October 2014

Pushing things along!

I am trying to push a few projects along to get them closer to the finish line as I still have got quite a list of quilts on my Finish Along List!

I have completed my Lazy Bum challenge for October which was to complete the top of my Flowering Snowball quilt - I needed to fill in a few sections where I had straightened off my blocks and add a wide black border.  

I started this quilt, made in gorgeous sparkly Oakshott, as a result of Mary's Flowering Snowball Along.


That has been done now and I need to think about backing this one and then quilting it!  A little bit more to do.

I have basted and been quilting my scrappy Dresden background now that I have my Bernina back and can FMQ to my heart's content.   I have been quilting flowers...

And this is it with the Dresdens back in position...

Not attached yet .....a job to look forward to soon....!

And I've been adding some blocks to the scrappy Sibling's Together quilts thanks to the very generous Ayrshire ladies in Sheila's quilting classes!

Five more blocks and I will have three quilts for this very worthwhile charity.

And today and yesterday I spent a bit of time on this!

See I beautifully straightened up the edges!   

And then I remembered that it was supposed to be this way round...

So I now have a diamond shaped quilt!  Oh well I guess I need more Blueberry Park fabric from my lovely friend and beemate Karen who has screen printed most of the beautiful fabric in this project!


  1. I really like the siblings together quilt although all are amazing.

  2. Oh those best ;aid plans which get forgotten...

  3. It's okay, I'm sure Karen will come through for you ;o)

  4. It sure is beautiful in your sewing room. And how terrible to have to get more of Karen's fantastic fabric!

  5. Stunning collection of quilts here, my favourite has to be Siblings Together what a great pattern.

  6. (I'm trying to Pin the siblings quilts, but pinterest isn't loading that pic as a choice:-(

  7. Beautiful quilts, love the Dresden! The last one looks nicer diagonally!

  8. scrappy quilts are wonderful aren't they - we can use up just about every bit of our expensive fabric that way


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