Monday 14 April 2014

Working away...

I started working again on this quilt, it is very nearly finished - I have added Quilt-as-you-go style some wadding to my borders and just need to add on the backing fabric!   Some orange cord!   Whacky quilt through and through!

But don't have enough - if it were cotton I'd use some other one but I haven't anything in the same weight so it is on order at Shaukat who are usually quick off the mark!

Then I started working on these Star of Africa bee blocks!  At last!

I have been wondering how to put them into a quilt that would do them justice.  Above was my first thought but it wasn't really doing it for me!

Fortunately I came across Ayumi's Books for Babies quilt pattern in her Patchwork Please book and I formed an idea!  

But I wasn't satisfied with that!  I wanted the books to come alive and characters to appear to come out of the books!  Megan,  {LucyandNorman} has been making fairytale blocks using Ayumi's pattern and appropriate fairytale printed fabric and ping the light bulb went off in my head!

I didn't need to recreate my bee mates creations {what I had been thinking} just find some printed fabric that suggested the book or country characteristics!

May helped with that as she sent me some Moomin fabric with her block..

The others I have made I have to admit stumped me for finding appropriate fabrics - nonetheless I tried to bring out something of the block or the country in colours and patterns!

Ganesha from Veena in India

Krisna from Tina in India

Krtecek the mole in a one on one swap with Di {Quiltova}

And Tatuana from Irene in Guatamala!

And now again I'm eagerly awaiting fabric so I can get the others done!


  1. You will have a quilt library of books from around the world! Very clever!

  2. oh I love that!! They look fantastic, great idea!

  3. so love your wonky houses and your gorgeous books!
    the borders frame them perfectly.

  4. Brilliant idea Nicky, I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Latvia :)

  5. I love what you've done with your SoA blocks - genius!! Can't wait to see the others! Hope the orange cord arrives soon so you can finish another quilt!

  6. So sorry you *had* to shop for more fabric, but all in good causes!!!!!

  7. Love the wonky houses( note to self, must do one of these!). Are you going to use wadding as well as the orange cord?

  8. You keep knocking back these WIPs like they are child's play! Loving what you are doing to the book blocks.

  9. Your wonky houses quilt just gets me every time. I love how improv this is - filled with color and happiness. You're running through your UFO list, aren't you?


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