Tuesday 29 April 2014

Squeaking another finish into April...

I started quilting this quilt during the Lazy Bums virtual Global quilting retreat.  I had to use my hand cranking Singer because on the very first day of our retreat my Bernina packed up!

I had managed a bit of a grid on retreat and thought I should continue in the same way to complete the grid!  Well that idea has been seriously putting me off ever since and as my Bernina was back I was doing lots of other stitching.

Yesterday though I just thought I'd see how far I could get cranking out some more grid lines.  Before I knew it I had done enough to stabilise my quilt and then I got on with a bit of spiral in and out on my Bernina!   Susan really made me want to do it with her recent show attending hexy quilting though I had been think I should go with something swirly !

My next question was what to use for binding?

There are so many colours in this quilt I just didn't know which to pick so I didn't go for colours at all!  I chose a white spot on black!  I think it works well.  

And I machine stitched the whole thing on back to front as it were!   I used black top thread when stitching the binding to the front and used invisible thread in the bobbin so if my stitching wasn't quite hitting the binding at the back it wouldn't matter.

Have to say I needed it and it worked well!  As you can see!

So the end of April is nigh and I have managed to finish four quilts this month!  

So what shall I do until the end of the month!?  One and a half days left!

Finish Along 2014


  1. well done it is well worth the effort you have put into it xx

  2. It's so bright and gorgeous! I love the swirls!

  3. How about put your feet up and enjoy sitting under your lovely finish? :)

  4. it's really lovely! So bright and happy :-D

  5. Wow!! I love the spiral quilting on it.

  6. I think you can definitely rest on your laurels for the rest of April!! lol
    Then come May you fire up again and get some more lovely quilts finished!
    It looks so beautiful!
    boy this comment requires so many exclamation marks... ok one more!

  7. I love the spirals!! The quilt is so cheerful - just what I needed to see on an overcast/fretty spring day!

  8. and there was me feeling proud for finishing one!! I love the colours in this one.

  9. what should you do? Oh, just crank out a half dozen more.. why not? Love those spirals!

  10. Well done you - think of that muscley arm you'll be getting!!

  11. It's a stunner! Amazing - the quilting is PERFECT for these blocks.

  12. Oh my! I can hardly keep up with your latest quilt! You have my head spinning! I love all of them though, Nicky! Each one is even better than the last!

  13. Gorgeous machine for a gorgeous quilt - bet your arm ached though!

  14. Love this quilt. I love the colours, the pattern design, and I think your swirls really complement it. Did y squeeze another finish into April. I'm so behind with reading!


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