Sunday 27 April 2014

Questions were asked....

A little while ago both Amy and Hadley asked how many quilts I've made in my lifetime {hasten to point out it is not over yet and I'm still making quilts} and how many projects I've got on the go at the moment?

Well today I am trying my best to answer and have updated my blog pages to provide those answers ...

How many?  

Well it took quite a while but I have now tracked down photos of almost all of them and they are listed in no particular order on my quilt gallery page.

I added 12 to the page and here are a couple of my favourites:

This quilt top is almost entirely hand pieced so it took quite a while to finish and my eldest claimed it as hers as it is in her colours or they were her colours then. 

(Black is her current fav colour and purple - you know like a bruise?!)

I think I even hand pieced those squares!  It is machine quilted in the ditch and across the diagonals of those squares.

Another favourite is a double sided one in recycled fabrics 

It was supposed to be two quilts but I was trying to reduce my UFO pile even then - sound familiar!?   The stars are appliqued onto an old sheet and I hand quilted it in cotton perle and added a scrappy binding.  And here is a close up of my label on the front - totally inspired by Clare I have to confess...

So if you count up all the quilts on my gallery page it comes to 28!   And add that to my quilt finishes in 2014 (a different page) - another 7 so far. Total 35 and counting....

Peanuts compared to the lovely Trudi !  I am sure she showed me 70+ and we hadn't got to the bottom of the heap!

What I'm working on now?

And as far as projects I'm working on - these are spread over two pages - my UFO list for 2014 and my tops for quilting pages - and they total 13!  I have felt rather overwhelmed in the past by the number of projects left to finish off but compared to those completed I think I am winning!  At last!  So it is ONLY 13 Hadley and Amy!  

And this one could be my all time favourite...

Quite excited as I have now purchased some backing fabric using my winning voucher from the super duper and generous Cindy in her Fluffy Sheep Shop.   Can't wait for it to arrive

I have my company of regulators - you know who you are! - who are determined to keep me on the straight and narrow so I can eventually catch up and finish all 13 of these projects.  Thank you all I know the bullying stern words are said with love and a real desire to help a serial starter.  

Maybe one day I'll be struggling to find things to put on my FAL list?  Well....maybe not...


  1. amazing Nicky! And that last quilt - well words can't describe it :-)

  2. Hmm 28 quilts is a lot, I just counted those quilts of mine that could be a baby quilt size or bigger and I get 29. But then there are all the mini quilts too. I love all your quilts, the older ones and this newest one especially.

  3. My sisters tell me I dress like a bruise. Loving your work

  4. Still a while away from a new start then ;o)

  5. Thirty-five isn't quite as many as I thought but it's still a lot of wonderful quilts!! And thirteen WIPs is really good going, considering where you started! Katy's right, though...apart from your two bee quilts, you're quite a way from starting something news. Well, if you keep going at this rate, you'll be able to start something new by the end of the third FAL quarter!!!

    P.S. I've just counted my finished quilts...sixteen (not including mini quilts) - also more than I thought!

  6. I lost count! I love the quilt you've just finished! It's a stunner!

  7. wow! I better get myself going! I have only made about 5 or 6, that I can remember, for sure. and that is doubtful...On the other hand I suppose I have probably made more tutus than you... must be over a hundred by now...

    Ok, what I really meant to ask, have you found homes for all of them?

  8. Just as I suspected!! I am going to point my husband in the direction of this post every time he starts moaning at me!!

  9. Lovely to see your quilts N! Keep up the good work! Jxo

  10. Gorgeous quilts, your favourite one is just amazing. x

  11. love these quilts and nice to revisit some older ones... I am off to see your little tabs and rediscover some beauties of posts past...

  12. You are amazing. Simply amazing. Your quilts are so uniquely you :)

  13. I * may* be ahead if you in the quantity count, but in the quality ranking you are head and shoulders ahead! Gorgeous, every one! I'm off to visit the finishes page !

  14. How long have you been quilting? I haven't ever tried to add up how many. I'd have to go through photos too. I don't think 13 UFOs is that many by quilters standards.


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