Wednesday 9 April 2014

FAL 2 - it worked last time so here's the complete list!

I actually got stuff done last time having listed everything!

So guess what  - I'm listing them all again - minus the four finishes from Q1 of course! Smug face!

First a collage of my UFOs in bits....

Wonky House quilt
Top Right - Star of Africa books, Propeller blocks plus, Tulip Dance
Left to Right - Sewing words, Baby Bear, Rosestar vintage sampler, Arrowhead hexies

4 of these are bee quilts so I really should get on with them!

And now the quilt tops that want quilting

Friendship Garden

 Top Right - Hexy Big Balls, Moving Mountains
Left to Right - Charmer, Pluses, Konaville, Love Heart

Another two bee quilts here and one of them is my next project

But there is further news!  I'm starting Q2 with my first finish already


Just as soon as I can think of a name for my Farmer's Wife with pizza quilting!?

Linking up for Q2 with Katy!
Finish Along 2014


  1. Well, that's quite a list. But as I'm convinced you don't sleep you'll probably have finished the lot in the first month!

  2. I'm tired just reading your list! Good luck :-) You have some fab projects there.

  3. You make me laugh. So many beautiful WIPs there. Get them done. Some stunning finishes await.

  4. love seeing all those beautiful tops!
    amazing quilting on your farmer's wife, maybe the pizza maker's wife might be more apt?
    Well done!
    can't wait to see which loveliness makes it to the machine to be quilted next!

  5. 15! That's some list! I think you should call the FW quilt "One with the Lot"!!!

  6. Wowza! I love your little house quilt and the triangular stars we made in our bee look amazing together. Big Balls will be an absolute stunner.

  7. The house one is amazing, I love the texty paper piece border

  8. way to go with a finish already :-) Still love the wonky houses!

  9. Where are all these WiPs coming from????
    Starting with a finish hmmm, I, at least waited a day!

  10. Fifteen? FIFTEEN?!!! Are you mad?!! (Don't answer that!) I think I should applaud you for your bravery *claps really loudly* Good luck!

    P.S. I don't know why Susan's laughing - her list is as long as yours!

  11. Good to see I'm slave driving you along nicely ;o)

  12. So many lovely tops! Keep going :)

  13. Very lovely. Get those tops quilted! I want to see how even more lovely they look when finished.


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