Saturday 19 April 2014

The library grows...

While avoiding quilting something I've been making more progress with my Star of Africa bee book blocks.  They have come from the US, Canada, Guatemala, Finland, Latvia, Germany, the UK, India and one from the Czech Republic which was part of a one-on-one swap!

I received them ages ago but didn't quite know what to do with them.  So glad I waited for inspiration to come as I loved setting them in the #booksforbabyquilt frames which really show them off I think.  Also I get to add cute fabrics to my stash and my blocks!  Win, win !

Anyway you have seen these 

And now you can see these !

So pleased with this project and thinking of a rough geographical layout (not to scale).

And then I looked at the quick demo block I had made and realised it couldn't represent the pride of Scotland and Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure 
Island!  So it is back to the drawing board and I will try and recreate Long John Silver - who else?


  1. Oh, wow, that's amazing! Brilliant idea! Xx

  2. Inspired making them into book covers! Well done! Jxo

  3. love how you havematched your fabrics for the book covers.
    can't wait for it to come together into another gorgeous top!

  4. Brilliant idea , how many books are you going to have in your library?

  5. What a great quilt plan for such wildly different blocks!

  6. I love what you've done with these blocks! Good luck with LJS!!


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