Friday 11 April 2014

Baby bear gets bigger!

Well in truth baby bear hasn't grown up but my little quilt has!

I started off using up some of those tiny HSTs you get left with when making larger HSTs or X+ blocks and such!  

I joined Fiona and Lucy's Bear Paw group on Flickr !  And then stalled at only six blocks because I'd used up all my wee HSTs.

I always meant to come back to this project and started saving little triangles in anticipation!  I even received some from Catherine!

Well yesterday evening I opened up my jars and revisited it...after all there were six blocks done and I thought I only need add three more for a cute little baby quilt!

So here it is for now!

Thinking I'd like to add a border all round with some mama bear paws pieced in - watching her little cub playing as every mama should!


  1. Like you were only ever going to make just 3 more!!

  2. Oh I love it, the idea of adding mama paws is too cute!! (It was Janine not Fiona who started the bear paw love with me) x

  3. I think Hadley got it spot on! Looks gorgeous!

  4. He's toddling faster by the minute!

  5. beautiful! love all the bright fabrics.

  6. WOW! it looks great x and good use of all those small bits of fabric x

  7. This is a lovely quilt Nicky! I can see another pretty finish in the future!


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