Thursday 17 April 2014

Arrowhead Stars is now a quilt top!

I have put off doing my UFOs so successfully but each time I pick one up and work on it now I think why didn't I finish this - that wasn't so hard!

The answer could be one of many things

  • I am more confident in my stitching skills now
  • I am more competent in my stitching skills now
  • I have designed my quilt differently to overcome whatever problem it had
  • I have become more focused
  • I am cured of Startitis? - yeah you are probably right it isn't this one!
Whatever it is I'm not complaining.  I really had issues with this quilt as the blocks (half a very large star) were not the same size and there were issues with the bias seams which were everywhere!  

All my fault as my poor bee members had to contend with my design (based on the Arrowhead block by Wendy Hill from the Modern Block book) and few instructions on size.  I realise now that success is all in the detail!

3 arrowhead blocks..

My arrowhead star - too big to request as a bee block so I asked for half blocks

My original layout...

I have worked my way round it by coaxing those seams into meeting - bias can sometimes work in your favour.  I have turned some around so they don't meet - a design decision that one rather than a necessity - and filled the background with more triangles with a bit of bias stretch so they have become a harmonious quilt top!   

Have to say I like this design better than my original plan above which was to just have stars.   I also like the few partial stars in my background fabrics and might even call this quilt Eclipse.

Anyway my thanks to Emily, Susan, Cindy, Susan, Leanne, Rhonda, Diane, Jennie, Chrissy, and Sarah - I love it and hope you have got over the trauma!

And here is Eclipse!

May yet have to straighten that edge - thinking about it!


  1. Nicky!!!! You are on a serious roll! This is totally gorgeous!!! I love the random arrows, it looks amazing. I like the jagged edges. I could stare at that top for hours. LOVE!

  2. This one looks wonderful. Great job on putting it together. Keep finishing!

  3. Another triumph Nicky! I love what you have done with it and am proud to have been a small part of it too!

  4. I think you are doing better with your UFOs because you have a new way of looking at them that makes them unique, beautiful and all yours.

  5. I think you're ploughing through them so someone will allow you to start something new ;o)

  6. Looks great! You're cooking on gas missus! Jxo

  7. super effort! I do like the second option... well done.

  8. I am so happy to see this quilt coming together, challenges and all. You are doing great with it.

  9. Your work is just amazing at the moment (not that it wasn't before, I hasten to add, just the speed with which you're making stuff!)! Love this and I'm not entirely sure you're cured of startitis...... ;)

  10. Congrats for persevering nd taking a different focus to finish this top.

  11. Great quilt and I love that edge - adds an extra dimension to it!!

  12. Glad you got round the size difficulties - it was definitely worth the effort as it's a beautiful quilt top! Bravo!

    P.S. I think Katy may have you pegged!!

  13. this is so beautiful. Really catching :-)


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