Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Superman in a bag! Finish no 9

My eldest has always enjoyed dressing up.    Now in her twenties she still does!   The excuse being going to the London Film & Comic Con.

This weekend she is supergirl!

A while ago as I was writing up my FAL list I spotted this superman canvas fabric and thought I would offer to make her a bag. 

  And so I did!  Progress shots....

I love that little superman symbol I added to the lining.   What you cannot see is the superman in the flush zipped pocket...  The top right photo is the back of the bag.  The photos on the bottom row are on the front - flap down and flap up!   That superman really did get everywhere!  

This was my first time adding twist locks and it was very scary making those holes in the flap as if they didn't line up I am not sure I had the materials to make another flap.  The answer was making small holes until I was sure it would line up.  That part of the process may have taken the longest time.

It was also my first time making an adjustable strap but that was really easy. In fact I quite enjoyed using all the hardware and am now familiar with this pattern and may want to make another smaller version!  

The final article....

Made with help from Lisa Lam's Bag Making Bible and supplies from her shop u-handbag.

For my daughter the weekend could look like this....(should have moved those recycling bins)

Have a great time at LFCC!

And that is another finish from my FAL list - number nine!   I'll be linking it up at the end of this quarter.  

Here is my original list.

Finish A Long 2016


  1. What a fabulous job! Your bag looks so professional. No wonder your daughter is smiling broadly.

  2. Love the bag! I'm always impressed with how much finishing you accomplish!

  3. Oh this is fun! Stopping by on behalf of the FAL team!


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