Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Celebrate the imperfect - fifth finish !

I was making blocks for my bee mate Sheila's row quilt last year. She wanted monochrome blocks with a splash of colour and a sense of movement across the row.

I decided on this block!

I made it as portrayed in the diagram.  But had lots of trouble matching up the points and making things look lovely.   I abandoned those blocks and redrafted them so that the grey shape was all one piece which made it a whole lot easier to get things aligned properly for Sheila's row.

I found them again while looking through my boxes of stuff and thought imperfect as those blocks were I should give them some sort of new life.

I listed them on my Finish-A-Long list and have made them into a cushion!

And it doesn't look too bad....in fact I am sure I will hardly notice those imperfection while using the cushion (though I do know they are still there) !

Another quick finish from my Finish-A-Long list which I will be linking at the end of this third quarter.

Only 41 left to do then - bahaha!

Here is my original list.

Finish A Long 2016


  1. They make great cushions and you'll see the mismatched seams a lot less once they're wrinkled from washing ;o)


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