Tuesday, 19 July 2016

New handbag and fourth finish!

I have had a kit for the Simply Stylish Handbag from u-handbag for ages.   The kit came with everything needed - fabric, interfacing, closure, leather strap.  And apart from one little bit I needed to read a couple of times before I understood it it was easy enough to put together. 

Actually having someone else choose the fabrics does make things go a lot quicker - made me realise just how much time I spend doing that though it is something I enjoy doing.  So I wouldn't want to do that every time.

So here are the stages I went through making this bag

Not that many photos as it was so quick!   I did add a flush zipped pocket inside - because everyone wants one of those right?  

Love the leather strap which I handstitched in place using aurifil #12.  It makes a nice professional looking touch I think.

And this is also another make from my list !  

I'll be linking it up to the Finish-A-Long at the end of the quarter.

Here is my original list.

Finish A Long 2016


  1. You are powering along Nicky! This is a great bag which will be very handy! Are you keeping it for yourself?

  2. This looks great! You've got a great start on your list!


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