Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sashiko sampler coasters

A long time ago I went to a workshop with Susan Briscoe to learn how to do sashiko.  My eldest was quite into Japanese things and we had thought I might add some sashiko quilting to the quilt I was making her.  At the workshop I soon learnt that was impractical so although I enjoyed the class I didn't take my sashiko any further, apart from buying Susan's book and some extra materials (as you do)!

Sashiko is quite a lengthy process as you have a lot of marking out to do before you can start stitching and I'm either too lazy or too impatient to do that.  Though there is the option of using printed or woven fabric that marks out a grid, like gingham or similar.  I may have a go at that!

Anyway I started with these, which I had worked during the class.  Check it out I even have a woven basket to hold my sashiko supplies! 

Yesterday I finished the third sample I had marked out

And today I made them into little coasters.

Sometimes it makes sense to go for the quick and easy option - as suggested by friends on IG!  

I'll be linking up this super quick finish (no 6 in case you are counting) to the Finish-A-Long at the end of the quarter.

Here is my original list.

Finish A Long 2016


  1. I think you made a wise choice to cut your losses and turn your unfinished project into coasters. Amazed at how you are powering through your list. You are one determined lady! Hope you sat in the garden to stitch so you can enjoy our brief hot summer!

  2. I also have a child keen on anything Japanese and my sashiko panels are the only thing he has seemed at all impressed with in my whole world of sewing, so I too have been planning a long running quilt for him (and I think I could make it work!). It is much easier to use the pre-printed panels and there are loads to choose from. The actual stitching is pretty quick! Well done for finishing them ;)

  3. Oh ... I've just done my first ever Sashiko and I plan to make it into a bag.

  4. They're still lovely! Congratulations on your finish, and thank you, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts, for taking part!


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