Tuesday 28 July 2015

It's Scraptastic Tuesday - Karen Lewis Textiles version

You may be a fan of Karen's hand screen printed fabrics already but the hot news is the reveal of the 75 prints she has in a collection for Robert Kaufman.

This works extremely well as a partnership as Karen has been printing on Kona cotton for quite a while.  I should know as I have been buying from her for a long time!

Want to see?  Of course you do...

I love working with blender fabrics - most of my stash are just that and Karen's are too.  It makes them easy to use in any project and of course they work so well together.

So this week - dubbed 'a week of KLT' by me -  I thought I could celebrate with Karen and post some photos of projects past and present.

Already on IG @nickyeglinton I have posted the following:

my lovely cushion with just one of Karen's fabrics though it has several different patterns on it!

One of the lampshades I made for my sewing room - I just love that I see a range of Karen's fabrics just by walking in and don't they look great all lit up!?

Then there are the new projects I've been working on:

A quilted tray - I didn't quite follow the pattern from the book...but I teamed Karen's fabrics up with some thirties repro and think it will be useful for my handstitching projects in front of the TV..

I came across a 'vintage' print by Karen and decided I would use it all up in a barrel shaped pouch.  I even added a bit of her trianglemania fabric on the ends and her signature on the loop at the end!  Oh dear now she might think it is hers!?  I am thinking it will be great for holding rotary cutters and large scissors as it is quite roomy at 10" x 4.5"

Next I wanted to sort out all the scrappy bits which are left over from bigger projects and I found a pleasing colour way to play with.

And look what happened!   A scrappy improv tote bag was brought into life...

Haven't quite finished it yet but I have added a Lotta Jandotter lining and a flush zipped pocket (thanks to the Lisa Lam Bag making bible)

I'll be working on it some more later in the week - next job is to add the bottom to the lining but I am considering adding a magnetic snap and leather straps!  So I may leave it as is till I figure out how this needs to be finished off.  Pleased with it so far though.

More Karen Lewis projects - new and old will be given an airing.   If I am honest I still have quite a bit of scraps and panels but if I make an effort I'm sure I'll be ready in November, when the fabrics will be released, to buy a few more!  That whole cool bundle is calling my name...

No I'm not on commission from Karen nor Robert Kaufman.....sadly not!


  1. You are so lucky to have those bits of Karen's fabrics early, they sure are beautiful and will be a welcome addition to anyone's scrap piles.

  2. Love these colors, looks great.

  3. lovely fabrics and projects....one of your loyal "scrappees"....lol

  4. What a great way to celebrate "a week of KLT"! Lovely scraps and you are right...a pleasing color way it is. Looks like you had fun at play.

  5. They're all gorgeous projects but I particularly love that tray!

  6. These beauties would be a great addition to my stash.


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