Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday!

Oops when we are in the school holidays I often forget which day it is and yesterday is no exception!

So what scrappy stuff have I been up to?

Well quite a lot actually.

I decided last week to celebrate my lovely friend Karen's good news about her fabric collection with Robert Kaufman.  I was showing some of the things I have made with her fabric and making new things.

I showed some of these last week and I have since added another

I used a pile of scrappy triangles and squares of Karen's screen prints in hot colours - offcuts from my KLT quilt - to make some wonky stars and combined them with some solids as background.  

I am pleased with how it has worked out.  I think some simple quilting will suffice to finish it off.

Next week will be link up week so I do hope you will join Leanne and I with your scrappy projects.  


  1. This is fantastic, I love how you combined the blocks in a non-grid.

  2. So brilliant and I agree with Leanne, the layout is fantastic!

  3. Love it - the stars sparkle on the solid backgrounds.


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