Saturday 4 July 2015

Finishalong - missing quilt no 3

Really no idea why this quilt wasn't shared on my blog when I finished it!?  Well I did show it in this post, but I didn't give it the full story!

When Leanne and I started out on our #Scraptastictuesday linky party adventure in October 2014 I decided I wanted to make a scrappy sort of Liberty sampler quilt. 

I designed this on EQ with lots of different but some similar blocks from the EQ6 library.  

Several blocks are repeated giving prominence to different parts of the block, each having a different name; eg churn dash, greek square, shoo fly.   Some are repeated in a different size and/or colourway.    Several of the blocks have similar geometric elements in them; squares, triangles.  This was an attempt to make the quilt cohesive, to work as a whole, as I knew there would be lots of colour and pattern going into this quilt.  I wasn't wrong!

I have been posting about the blocks, with simplified instructions/measurements on how to make them,  all the way through and have a page dedicated to it here.  I may have lapsed a bit towards the end but this summer hols seems to be a good time to remedy that.  So if you want you can make your own version.

I have really enjoyed putting some of my Liberty fabrics together with solids and prints!   I think it works, both in the individual blocks and as a whole.  Up till now I seem to have been collecting Lilberty rather than using it!

I had a bolt of Liberty fabric bought in a junk/antique shop for a very good price and used it on the back.  Here is a glimpse of it's floral beauty - think it might be a lightweight curtain fabric rather than the lovely Tana lawn used elsewhere.

I did start machine quilting this quilt with horizontal lines spaced about half an inch apart...

 ....but having done quite a bit I decided I didn't like it, unpicked it, stabilised the layers with a bit of stitching in the ditch and then added some hand quilting details !   

Like it much better now!

And here it is in all it's chaotic glory!  Some blocks and filler strips added, some block have moved from my original plan, but still true to my original vision and even better in real life I think!

Almost forgot to link to my Q2 starter list!

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  1. It's wonderful! So nice to see it finished now too.

  2. love that you hand quilted it - that was a lot of machine quilting to take out :)

  3. What a lot of fun going on in that quilt! The hand quilting is just the right touch!

  4. Great sampler quilt. And the hand quilting is gorgeous.

  5. Great sampler quilt. And the hand quilting is gorgeous.

  6. Great sampler quilt. And the hand quilting is gorgeous.

  7. Its a stunning quilt and you were right to change the quilting, even if I thought you were nuts at the time! (all that unpicking!)
    Some of the blocks kinda disappear on first sight, but I LOVE that, as you move your eyes around, different blocks just suddenly appear as if from nowhere!

  8. What a wonderful sampler quilt! Love how you add in some hand stitching details at the end.:) It really makes it special.:)

  9. Ah what is there not to love about this? It's a great combination of Liberties with solids, and some lovely hand quilting too!

  10. What a beauty! I love the "chaotic glory with the combination of multi colours and size of blocks.Beautiful backing too.

  11. Oh my gosh - that fab! Yes the quilting is gorgeous , but all that unpicking? Groan!!!

  12. its fabulous Nicky, so many amazing colours

  13. What a beautiful finished quilt, congratultaions.
    Love the scrappy look it has.

  14. It's beautiful, hope I someday get myself together enough to do something along this vein!

  15. I love your quilt. So very pretty.

  16. It's magnificent and yes, you were right to pull out all that machine quilting!


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