Saturday 4 July 2015

Finish Along missing quilt no 1

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So I have been checking through the list on my Quilt Finishes 2015 page!   It seems I am quite good at displaying a photo of each quilt I finish there but not so good of late in blogging about them....naughty me!

I want to correct that by sharing about a quilt for the fabulous charity Siblings Together.   It uses the same pattern I designed as Marmalade Swirl and Raspberry Ripple (see below)

but in a different colourway....

This one is called Victoria Plum Duff because it is purple and because I got some amazing generous help to complete this quilt from the lovely Victoria @sewgoclimbing.   She really is a star!   

Victoria really loves purple!   I am more of a green fan so thought she might be able to provide some purple scraps for the 'filling'.   When I asked her she was preparing to go to Edinburgh for a few day but still managed to find the time to put all the 'filling' purple strips together !   Not only that, I had asked for scraps, and Victoria generously used up her scraps and stash - I cannot thank her enough!

Here is the quilt we made together...

Making these Siblings Together quilts with help from lots of lovely people I have realised just how generous the quilting community is.  So thanks my friend Victoria for this one!

You can read more about the charity Siblings Together here, and read about the campaign some lovely quilty people have run this year, to provide a quilt for each child participating in the summer camps, here.   We had the target of 100 quilts and with lots of help have exceeded it!  Well done everyone!

Want to be a part of it next year?   Leave a comment below and I will tell you the ways you can help!  

I am currently looking for bee friendly people to set up one or two more Siblings Together bees - starting in August/September - we make large easy blocks from stash and quilt them simply so anyone can join in the fun.  If you have never been in a bee before now is your chance to join up...

Simple tutorial for this quilt/block here


  1. Wow, the plum duff is gorgeous! These will be treasured. I'd like to sign up for the bee if there's still room.

  2. Shame you never got a photo of them all laid out together!

  3. These are all such lovely quilts and it is a great block for using up scraps of colour!
    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.*


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