Saturday 4 July 2015

Finish Along missing quilt no 2

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Well if you read this post I am not going to repeat myself!   If you haven't then I invite you to do so first if you want to understand what comes next!

But you may prefer to just look at the pretty photos!

This is another quilt in the foody swirl series!

I made this quilt with help from my lovely friend Jo who is part of my Siblings Together Bee, which I love and cherish! 

This is the Blueberry Pie version and Jo sent me all kinds of help to get this quilt started and finished.   She sent me blocks, background fabric, filling strips, backing fabric and binding!  

Well she almost made it herself!  Thanks so much Jo - I don't think I would have even started without your awesome help!

Here are the other swirly ones!

The reason for making so many similar quilts - not something I usually do - is to give a group of siblings in care in the UK a quilt that relate to each other!   Another way to help them feel like a family with ties to each other in a crazy world that keeps them apart most of the time!  Thanks to the charity Siblings Together they get to spend precious time together.

Simple tutorial for this block/quilt here!


  1. I feel bad now!! Such a beautiful quilt (they all are beauties), but I didn't mean to make you make it!! Very glad you did though XXXX PS) And I will still be making my version sometime :)

  2. I love each of these quilts. It is such a lovely pattern, perfect for ST.

  3. pretty pattern and so nice to give the siblings a quilt that is the same - but different colors to remind themselves of the others when they can't be together

  4. Incredible work missus x

  5. The first time you posted one of these quilts I thought it was a beauty of a pattern and now I see the ones you have made all in different colours I would love to make one!

  6. What a great collection. I made a pair of quilts for ST a few years ago, with the thought they they could go to siblings, I hope they did but I never heard xx

  7. I've been really enjoying seeing these quilts come together - this one is no exception. Great work!


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