Tuesday 30 June 2015

Scraptastic Tuesday - only a little scrappiness!

Scraptastic Tuesday

Well still not much scrappiness here!  I do hope you are being scrappier than me!   I will definitely manage something in a couple of weeks for our link up on 14th July.

Here we go  ....a scrappy tree!

The inspiration came from this .... the travelling row quilt that we are making for our lovely Stingy Bee mate Lucy, or rather for her son!

The above rows are from Lucy, Sheila and Collette.

I think I will be keeping the scrappy tree and just making the 'one print' ones...

Looks like I'm well ahead of this bee obligation as I have till the end of August to finish my row.

Leanne has been up to some scrappiness too - in fact I don't think she is throwing anything away now.


  1. Sure she will be delighted with your blocks!

  2. great scrappy trees, they make a great row to be added to the 'forest' quilt.
    happy scrapping.

  3. I thought the scrappy tree looked pretty fun!

  4. Love the scrappy trees! The little bit of red is the perfect touch.:)

  5. I love the tall skinny trees! Are you sure the scrappy tree won't join the row? He might feel left out...


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