Saturday 6 September 2014

Third Block!

It seems I cannot stop working on this quilt now I've started - Friendship's Garden (pattern by Alma Allen and Cherie Ralston).  

I don't tend to follow someone else's patterns now and indeed I changed the central block in this one to another by the same design team so that the quilt would work anyway up.  Originally the central block was a basket design.

Anyway here is block number three!  

So one row is finished or will be when I've quilted the HST sashing to either side.  I am leaving the borders to the end and hoping they will quilt out nice and flat.

My hands/brain are getting the mini stipple thing now and even the cross hatching seems easier to do.  All more relaxed but still demanding quite intense concentration so breaks continue to be important between bouts of quilting.

I also managed a bit of hand piecing before I started the quilting 

Eight strip of eight clamshells, waiting to be pieced together!

And then I can piece two panels together and then join all my panels together to make one big 16x16 clamshell square.   Maybe then I can see were I'm going with this project.


  1. You are going great guns on the quilting. Stick at it while your brain is in the groove and you will have a finish in no time!

  2. Stunning Nicky, especially love the small scale cross hatching with the cebtral motif. Total proof that practice increases confidence.

  3. Go! Nicky Go!!! I am thinking you are quilting this top faster than you thought you ever would. Great job.

  4. It's looking so good Nicky! Keep going!!

  5. Love the quilting. I wish I had even a fraction of your get up and sew

  6. another wow block.
    you are really doing a fantastic job.

  7. The quilting is just stunning. How do you do the cross hatch? I see you don't go over the applique, so do you keep starting and stopping round the edges?

  8. How are your arms, shoulders and neck holding up?!!

    P.S. Yes, I'm finally catching up with blog commenting - no need to reply to all of my comments!


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