Tuesday 2 September 2014

Coming clean - new projects - new page

As I have managed to finish 14 projects out of 20 UFOs this year I have allowed myself to start 
some new projects....and have started a new page on my blog to hold them all as these aren't 
UFOs...not yet anyway!

I know what you are thinking - here she goes again.......ok it's true I didn't mean to start so many.  

Guess I haven't reformed after all - once aquiltaholic, always a quiltaholic...

First up - 1 Oakshott Flowering Snowball  - blaming Mary Dugan for starting me on this one ....
just got a black border to add all round and this top will be all done.  Did I say, it is all Oakshott 

2 Scrappy Siblings Together Quilt - instead of scrabbling around trying to get quilts ready in July 
I thought I'd be organised and scrabble around beforehand!  I want to make several of these using
the same block but with different layouts.  All in a good cause.  My first one...

Sheila and her quilting classes have been helping with this project - they have provided lots of 
blocks and so I have a second one ready, and more blocks are coming to finish off a third I hope!  

This one, rather appropriately I feel, reminds me of an Argyll sweater and those generous 
Ayrshire Scottish ladies - not quite Argyll but close!

3 Clamshells quilt - I bought the Sizzix die and if you have the die, you have to use it right? 

 I took this project on holiday to Spain, where I stitched up an 8x8 panel.   Must say it went 
quicker than I had expected so I have made two more panels since and have one cut up and 
ready to stitch.  I am really enjoying stitching it all by hand - no really I am!

4 Nordik Quilt - my Stingy Bee quilt so I'm getting help here with my sampler style Scandinavian 
themed winter quilt!   Lots of blocks recevied and a few more to come then I think I will not be 
able to resist finishing this top off!

5 Handkerchief corners - I am determined this next coming 12 months to really reduce my 
scraps so there will always have to be at least one scrap quilt on the go if I am to succeed!   

Wish me luck I'm calling that project Climbing Scrap Mountain - no exaggeration!  

This is a pretty block to make and very easy to do...

6 Blueberry Park Chevrons  - I have been buying hand screen printed fabric from Karen for ages 
and have quite a collection now especially since I joined in her fabric club.  

I have wanted to showcase it all in a very special quilt because everyone needs a Blueberry Park 
Quilt don't they!??

As you can see it will be a mix of BP fabric and other prints....

I tested out a couple of ways to put these together and think I have a plan I can go with

So there you are!

Just hope that if I can keep stitching I will get down to a sensibly sized list sometime!


  1. O_O

    you are a MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Flowering snowball is my total favourite quilt here! You are so prolific, not that this is news to me, but sometimes it just needs saying! I know where you're coming from with all of these ideas that need to be made, I force myself to keep them as sketches/EQ7 files until I have finished something, but it is hard!

  3. You amaze me! The chevrons look so beautiful and I'm interested in how you're putting them together!?

  4. wow so many new projects. They are all wonderful!!
    happy sewing.....
    don't forget your ufo's...

  5. Your sewing room must be a fantastic place to be. I have been thinking that this winter was the one to tackle my scrap mountain too.

  6. Gosh Nicky! Do you have a life/sleep? I don't know how you do it. Fantastic quilts as usual

  7. What Charlotte said! Just a few new projects then. I'm in awe, or shock, or something. ;-)

  8. Oooh, Helen's coming to get you ;o)

  9. Your new projects are gorgeous. I think after 14 finishes you deserve some new fun, but I'm not sure how you keep track of all of them.

  10. A sensible sized list? Who are you kidding? Jxo

  11. First Oakshott Flowering Snowball is a stunner! WOW I love that quilt. Second climbing Scrap Mountain sounds like fun. May we join?
    Third, with all those projects on the go, how big is your designer wall?
    Thanks for sharing. As always when I stop on your blog, it is an eye candy feast.

  12. Hmmmmm...we've already had words about this, young lady, and I'm keeping my eye on you...


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